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The other night I decided to stop watching the latest tv show I am trying to get through but I decided to watch a movie and was not sure what to watch I remembered I had a few movies on my Plex watchlist. So I went there and found this movie called “The Outfit”

I wanted to see if this was worth watching or if it was an instant delete removal. This movie The Outfit was surprisingly good I started the film very late in the evening and went to bed after midnight.

The Outfit is about an older aged man that is a cutter in a suit shop and he has some colourful characters for clients and also forgot to mention the movie is based in 1956 you could say the 50s. It initially gave me the strange feeling that I was watching Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal video and was thinking could you have that song play in the background or even as part of the soundtrack of the movie? The suit’s costumes were for me the same hence the reference.

Did you know there is a difference between a cutter and a tailor? Who knew? I really enjoyed this movie and really wanted this to go on the cutting room floor as a one-time watch with I deleted it afterwards however it will stay in the collection to the point I am going to add a physical copy of the movie to my collection on top of the digital copy.

There is some violence and it does get violent although a small story it’s definitely not for the kiddies. If you’re a fan of 50’s gangsta mafia movies this is really one to watch.

The cast is small but each actor played their role perfectly. For me, the two standouts were Mark Rylance played Leonard and no relation to Leonard from The Big Bang Theory. This Leonard is much tougher that the nerdy Leonard. Mark plays this role to perfection because you are trying to guess what’s going on and not until the last thirty mins the final act of the movie do you understand what’s going on.

The second person that deserves a shoutout is Zoey Deutch I had never seen her before in a movie and I went to IMB to see what else has she performed in before this the few references I can mention are that she had played in a Justin Bieber music video called “Anyone” and Zoey has been in another music video with another famous musician by the name of Ed Sheeran his music video was called “Perfect” Zoey is a very beautiful actor/actress and also is a critical part in this movie. Did you know Zoey is the daughter of Lea Thompson the same Lea Thompson from the best Sci-Fi film of all time called you know it “Back to the Future”

Watch this movie you won’t be disappointed drop me a message and tell me what you think of this movie.

My Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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