I decided to wind down the weekend with a different type of flick, from what I normally watch. I had this movie The Invitation on my Plex Watchlist and I thought it was time to watch something out of the norm.

The Invitation tells us the story of a young woman named Evie. Evie comes from humble beginnings and has a friend that invites her to a mansion in I would say England somewhere and Evie’s friend Grace is eager for her to go and get a new life and make something of herself. Well, The Invitation from her friend takes a dark turn when Evie goes exploring and files a detailed file on her as if she was being followed or even stalked by someone.

The Invitation takes a dark turn and this movie is a horror thriller film that I would recommend watching in the daylight as could give you jump scares at night time, however, I never got scared in this movie it was like a rollercoaster that you were like “let’s get on with it and get to the end”

If you are into horror thriller movies such as “Death Becomes Her” just thought of that reference this would be something you would want to watch however its no black comedy.

For such a basic story it’s well acted by I would say a strong cast two cast members that you would know. The first would be the actress playing Evie is played by Nathalie Emmanuel you would recognise her as one of the members of the “Game of Thrones” right-hand lady of “The Mother of Dragons” “Missandei. Emmanuel has also played in The Fast & Furious franchise as Ramsey. Emmanuel plays the lead role in THe Invitation and she has a strong kickass role.

The second actor that is worth mentioning did not really have far to go to find his performance as you would have seen the same time of performance in the tv show called “Gotham” Sean Pertwee plays another butler role in this movie as the right-hand man to the master of the house. Sean’s character is called Reinfield. Reinfield was even costumed the same way that Alfred was dressed in Gotham.

There was another character in the movie called Viktoria played by Stephanie Corneliussen she gave me vibes of Viktoria from Th Twilight Saga”

The costumes were very clean cut propper looking and the movie tried to keep you guessing however you figured it out sooner than twenty minutes seeing how the movie only went for just over ninety mins.

If you are not a fan of horror and thriller flicks give this a miss otherwise it’s not that bad considering the storyline does keep you interested to the end although you know what’s going to happen.

The movie is not suitable for kids and some adults may not like it. Nothing also to keep on your movie collection a one-time watch for me.

My Rating

Rating: 2 out of 5.

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