Titans season three I have to say was my least favourite season of the series and really difficult to stay engaged and interested. While season 3 had a feeling that the cast was going through the motions and you could feel that they all knew that the writing was on the wall for the show.

To the point, that the main cast members either left or were killed off and it just did not feel right. To some degree, it also felt disjointed and not until the middle of season 3 did the season picks up momentum and story continuity.

You could see that in season three the cast did try and bulk up as Nightwing was becoming his own man and a leader and not a follower as Bruce Wayne Batman took a back seat to what was occurring and basically gave up and left it for Dick Grayson to pick up the pieces and try to save the city. This whole save the city vibe gave me Arrow vibes and to the point near the end, it does link to the Arrowverse. They bring someone randomly from Argus and they talk about Roy.

To mean I hope they make the final season 4 a lot better and not to put a damper on it but the show has been cancelled after Season 4 so we have one more season to get through and I hope they really do a better job and go out with a bang.

Season 3 was revolving around the scarecrow’s origin story and how Red Hood was born I have to say I was more interested in the DC titans video game that is on PS4 and PS5 at the moment rather than this show. It does get violent to the point I was watching this in the living room for five mins and my daughter came in and again said your watching rubbish again. 🙂

Watch this series if you’re a die-hard fan but it is a series that can be missed. It had a lot of promise at the start and went downhill this season this season was the nail in the coffin and no Lazarus pit can bring this back.

If you want to watch a tv show that’s like this but a lot better you are better off watching Gotham minus the fact that Will Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith plays in it, other than that issues the show is strong and has proper ending.

This show is not suitable for kids or some adults

My Rating

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

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