My lazy Saturday morning choice of movie was something I have had on My List on Netflix for a while called “BOSS LEVEL” This was a movie I would say is a cross between Groundhog Day and Gamer with a touch of heart and family sentiment although you do not realize this until more than halfway through the movie.

The movie is a Sci-Fi action flick with Frank Grillo, Mel Gibson and Naomi Watts and Michelle Yeoh. It has a great cast and it’s a non-stop film with slight changes although going through the same scenes time after time however the new information gained by Roy Pullver Frank Grillo’s character takes him back to the beginning but he has learnt something and moves forward in the game stage the only thing is strange is looking at the movie as a gamer is like when you finish the game and you see the summary of how many times you have respawned would be too many as it was over 200 respawns.

The one respawns that I enjoyed the most is the one where Roy interacts with Michelle Yeoh’s character Dai Feng. Dai is a sword specialist and you get to see Roy master the art of Sword martial arts although he respawns several times it has a taste of Kill Bill to it as Dai Feng is the trainer and the lady that acts like Lucy Lui’s assassin character is Selina Lo she plays Guan Yin and she is the best of the best of the assassins that kill Roy most of the time until he learns sword fighting. The funny part is every time Guan Yin wins she states “Guan Yin has done this” kinda like in Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter when they say things like Lu Gang or Ryu Wins it gives you the gamer feel. I would love to see this on the Playstation 4 or 5.

Mel Gibson plays Colonel Clive Ventor he is the evil dictator in this movie that Naomi Watts’s character Jemma Wells is trying to stop from destroying the world.

The movie has the Aussie feeling with Naomi and Mel playing in the movie. The question is Mel Gibson still classified as an Aussie? Although he is born in New York in the USA?

This is not a bad movie to watch more than once. I would add it to my collection. It does have over-the-top violence so I would say not too young maybe 13 or 14 with parental guidance.

You also have Ken Jeong playing a diner owner that meets and greets Frank’s character and all these scenes you see have little parts that you unravel that take you to the end. The end is the only thing I was not happy about it leaves you wanting more. I hope they make a part 2. From what I googled it is not clear that there will be a second follow-up part.

The movie also has Rashad Evans and Rampage Jackson in it but I must have blinked because I do not remember seeing them.

My Rating

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

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