For something to pass the time I had this movie called “The Escort Wife” on my server and I was surprised that this is even classified as a movie. You may ask because I did expect some sexy scenes but not as many as I did.

The movie is about a young Philipino couple that has just had a miscarriage and they both are having a hard time dealing with the loss of the baby. The wife is a stay-at-home wife not by choice but because the doctor has told the wife to rest and recover after the loss of the baby and after 2 to 4 months they can try again.

The husband named Roy is a doctor and is always not home as depicted he is busy working at the local hospital doing all things medical at ungodly hours.

Roy’s wife Patricia after the loss of the baby feels distant from Roy and every chance she gets she tries to reconnect and rekindle their love and physical relationship. However each time Patricia tries Roy pulls away as he always got some excuse and at first you think that he is a faithful husband that is giving her the space to grieve the loss of their child. This then really disturbs Patricia and she is left home alone most of the time without her needs being met.

Patricia then at home has a window in the kitchen that looks out to one of her neighbours that lives in the opposite apartment block from her and she sees that this person Chrissy always seems to have the best sex life having a different man every night and to try and live through her Patricia befriends Chrissy and watches what Chrissy gets up to each time she has a male guest coming to visit.

One unfaithful night while Patricia is watching through the window, she sees some guy that looks familiar Patricia struggles to get her binoculars and she normally looks through the kitchen window with them and then when she does look through the window with them on that unfaithful night Patricia realizes that it’s her Doctor husband Roy.

Patricia goes to pieces and cannot believe this is occurring and takes some time to get herself together then Patricia goes and confronts Chrissy about this cheating affair that Chrissy is having with her husband and then when they get past the initial discussion there was no physical fight Chrissy explains that she is an escort and Patricia’s husband Roy is a client. Once this is understood they continue their friendship and after some time Chrissy decides to leave and change Uni Patricia takes over Chrissy’s life and then the movie will turn.

To be frank from there the movie becomes a softcore porn thriller flick in that Patricia takes over Chrissy’s clients and plans her revenge on her unfaithful husband Roy.

From here you see a lot of nudity and simulated sex scenes that are more for sexual fantasies. This definitely not for kids and some adults may find it unhealthy.

I did not realize this was going to be so softcore pornish in the way the movie is portrayed but well it’s out there for a specific type of audience.

My Rating

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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