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MOVIE REVIEWS: Let’s Get Physical (2022)(PLEX)

Well just to watch something different from what I have been watching in the past, Let’s Get Physical is a movie brought to us by Lifetime staring Jenna Dewan you may know her from Step Up the movie that she did with her ex-husband magic mike himself Channing Tatum. Well, it seems after they called it splitsville, Jenna has got herself a role in a risky Lifetime movie well as much as you can say Lifetime movies are risky which they are not. This movie is PG and really does not show anything too revealing.

The movie is about Jenna’s character Sadie Smith as she comes to a little town called Lutton she is a small independent business owner who sells health and fitness with a Pole in the middle of it plus some special massages. Well after some time word goes around that Sadie is doing special massages and then all the men of the town become clients in her little black book.

Although the activities are wrong it changes the men of the town and they are more attentive to their wives and their needs. This helps all their relationships but as Lynn Rogers, the local town gossip queen and the editor and they’re of the local paper gets her hands on the story it is taken to a new level and Lynn does not care who she takes down and who she effects to bring out the truth.

This helps no one in the beginning as it really brings the town down and until they figure out what good Saide has done it’s too late as Sadie goes to jail and has to deal with her actions.

Like any light movie from Lifetime or the Hallmark channel, this is a light-hearted movie although they do try and tackle a big issue and somewhat do a decent job it still could have been a lot darker.

The movie goes for under 90mins and is an ok watch only if you a Jenna Dewan fan because none of the other people in the movie I have ever heard of them.

A one-time watch for me that is nothing to write about actually 🙂

Not suitable for the kiddies only due to the subject matter.

My Rating

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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