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Panama is the movie I chose for my lazy Sunday afternoon watch and well it was a better story than I expected. Panama is one of those movies based on actual events with some slight changes done for music magic purposes. The movie is all about drug-running bad guys and laundering money and lots of sexy nude girls and well that whole lifestyle. If you’re a fan of the Narcos tv show or Queen of The South this film will be right for you.

We meet an Ex-Special Ops officer that is drowning in his sorrows after losing his wife due to his job he is drinking his life away on his wife’s grave until his old gun-running mate comes and finds him and tells him about a job back in a place with lots of sun and ladies. Becker (Cole Hauser) tells his mate he ain’t interested and after they have a chat his mate Stark (Mel Gibson) convinces Becker to get back into the saddle for one last ride.

Becker’s mission is to bring down the corrupt drug dealer and gun runner in Panama and along the way he finds a new flame, this is where the sex and nudity happen and well you would think that it would not be necessary for the storyline but I guess the director of the movie thought differently.

You see the jungle or what the director would want you to think of the jungle in Panama and you see tree snakes and you see a big jungle cat and a leopard both look scary, not my cuppa tea.

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The movie was also full of violence and mostly full of Gunfights. Being based on a true story it really did tell the narrative of violence quite well.

I normally do not write about the movies credit intro scene but this movie is different I saw once you got past the initial who is staring in the movie the next section of the credits was the list of producers and this section of the titles of the movie firstly was well done with using a lot of old ’80s themed tech and news stories to set you back into the late ’80s and the number of producers that was listed in this first scene before we even got to his directing the movie was a never-ending list of producers and this was like wow they really wanted to tell this story and wanted to make this movie and they found whoever they could to make this movie so that the story could be told and well it’s an important part of American history would I classify it as world history well you guys be the judge of that.

This is not a bad movie to watch and pass the time it is a decent story that needed to be told.

This is not suitable for the kiddies and some ladies may not find this appropriate to how the women are depicted in this movie.

My Rating

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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