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TV SHOW REVIEWS: National Treasure: Edge of History 2022 (DISNEY+)

Throughout the last month, I decided to watch something different less dark than the last tv show that I reviewed which was season 3 of Titans. You can find National Treasure: Edge of History on the video-on-demand service Disney+. Any fan of the National Treasure movies would love the new spin on the tv show and it has the same feel or close feel to the movies which have a great musical score and theme music is great.

On top of the great music soundtrack, I have to say the title sequence to start each episode was excellent and had the same feel as Game of Thrones while you are watching the names go through you are taken on a journey. How the show starts each time is a sentiment to how close the creators wanted to keep this movie to the original movies. Even though you do not get to see Ben Nicholas Cage’s character in the series you do get to see Riley his mate from the movie and he helps Jess and her friends go on their adventure to find the treasure of her long lost family.

Mystery, suspense and puzzles are what keep you on the edge of your seat while watching this new Disney+ series. To me the new National Treasure: Edge of History is a show like you were in an interactive video game and well that’s an idea for Disney to make content like Netflix make it an interactive tv show that the viewer can choose where to take the story next. Interactiveness would work well with this type of show even if Disney did murder mysteries this would work too. Back to the story, this series is like watching Tomb Raider or Uncharted.

The cast of the show is mostly new well to me they’re new as I do not remember seeing any of them in other shows minus the biggest name they have on the show Catherine Zeta-Jones. Catherine plays Billie Pearce and she does an outstanding job to the point after each episode I had to take a break because she would get on my nerves well her character would. Before I forget this show ties in with the original movie not just because of Riley but you have Sadusky Harvey Kitel’s character in the movie plays Liam’s grandfather that tries to get Liam to go on this treasure hunt to find the treasure and save it from getting into the hands of Salazar and Billie.

I do hope that they do make a second season and there is a little hint of a second season I just hope they do proceed with the second season. The first season was done well to the point that it does merit a second season in my eyes.

If the creators and writes of the show keep up the high-quality storytelling this could go on at least five seasons and hopefully, we could see some more of the original movie cast members make a cameo in it as well it would be so epic if Nicolas Cage comes into the next series and helps the team.

Fun for the whole family!!

My Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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