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Documentary REVIEWS: Ghislaine Maxwell: Filthy Rich (2022) (NETFLIX) 

A highly disturbing one hour and forty minutes was spent watching the second instalment of the Filthy Rich docuseries. In the second instalment, we focus on Ghislaine Maxwell and her part in the underage sex trafficking ring that Maxwell created with Epstein. In the beginning, we are taken back to Maxwell’s childhood, her relationship with her father, how she was brought up, and what she saw as the norm of being brought up in her family.

We are shown that on the outside Maxwell was brought up in the highest of high English Aristocrat society rubbing shoulders with royalty and the like and well you could say that Maxwell was one of the very first socialites.

We go back and forth in the whole case timeline from Ghislaine’s father’s time to the near present-day well of November 2021 when the case was in the US courts.

The way in which Maxwell’s Filthy Rich story was told was even worse than how Epsteins story was told victims in her Filthy Rich story said that she was worse than Epstein and well she was the ring leader and she created this whole underage sex ring that is extremely disturbing. It was also said that 5% or fewer are female traffickers compared to men so Maxwell is a special kinda crazy person because she ain’t crazy it was all planned out.

The episode goes on to talk about a few cases and how these cases affected certain victims in this whole saga and well you hear their story and you wonder how they get themselves into this kinda mess even to the point that one of the victims said she left a job from one retailer and went to another and she was found there and the grooming continued to become one of the girls Epstein and Maxwell abused to the point that Maxwell would train the girls to find other girls to add for Jeffery’s sexual needs or desires and she was said to have said that she can’t handle Jefferey’s needs and he needs to well release three times a day. I am paraphrasing here.

I am going to flip here and ask the difficult question did not one of these girls think that it was strange when it came to reporting the matter yes I feel that there was a miscarriage of justice as the police departments would not do anything with the girls reports in the early to mid-2000’s however here is the problem I see with this whole case and yes Maxwell is behind bars etc but the girl that was apparently abused by Andrew got a payout of over $16 million. To me, if you are really in it to see justice served then why not go all the way and go to a court case and finish it right when you see $$$ signs all that abuse and hurt go away? You can see this in the Michael Jackson case as well when he paid $ 20 million for the case to go away.

As you can see the Filthy rich think they can get away with it as they think they are above the laws that the normal folk have to live by and those laws do not apply to them and we add to that way of thinking by settling and taking that money.

If you are a fan of true crime and have followed this story I highly recommend it but please be ready for some horrific tales truth be told it may get to you and I would recommend watching something light afterwards.

This is definitely not suitable for the kiddies and some adults as well.

My Rating

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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