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MOVIE REVIEWS: R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of the Damned 2022 (PLEX)

RIPD 2: Rise of the Damned is the sequel to the 2013 movie RIPD which had a much stronger cast than the second instalment the first movie had Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds and this second instalment only had one actor that I knew from a little tv show I watched last year and finish sometime late last year called “Burn Notice” It had Michael Jefferey Donovan he played a character called Roy Pulsipher he was a lawman in the old wild west in Utah America and this was the first strange thing about the second part of this series and it was because it was based in the old wild west that made it feel like a B graded movie.

Being a movie buff like I am you I have seen so many movies that you can tell when it comes to movies that are based in a western you can tell that it’s a movie set and it’s a large set that they have somewhere in the Hollywood set to film on.

The story goes that Roy is the lawman as mentioned and one day these bad guys come to town to rob the town and instead of stealing money from the bank they steal the people of the town for one major bad guy that wants to kidnap all the people of the town for his own evil doing.

In the gunfight, Roy gets shot and dies and this is where the RIPD comes to town which is the in-between police department that helps the person that just died to serve 100 years in the department and then he will get his chance to go to heaven.

You can say this is as bad as Will Smith’s Wild Wild West movie and really I felt I was unsure who gave this the green light to be made as it had the aspect of the reverse of White Chicks when two black men turn into two white girls and in this movie you have a guy and a girl that has passed and now serving the RIPD turn into two women of colour kinda strange and then for at least more than twenty minutes of this movie they drag an Asian young man walking behind the two horses they ride. I am not sure if this is acceptable in the cancel culture we live in now.

Slapstick heaven and hell comedy had bad sci-fi special effects that reminded me of The Phantom the old movie with Billy Zane in it the fact that they manage to defeat the devil with a small object like in The Phantom he defeats the bad guys that have two normal sized skulls vs the skull on his ring finger, something similar happens in this movie.

Nothing really that you haven’t seen before I would just say it’s an easy payday for the actor nothing else. I do not recommend this although anyone really can watch this younger kids can watch with parental units in toe.

My Rating

Rating: 0 out of 5.

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