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MOVIE REVIEWS: Rogue Agent (2022) plex

Just wow a movie at first I thought I would watch and not think much about really was one of the special gems of movies that gave me more than a surprise. Rogue Agent is a true story about an MI5 man that would recruit a new potential agent in the early to mid-’90s in the UK and he would go after young people that would be in for the excitement and the duty for their country and for a long while in the movie you are taken on that journey to think that this is actually true as it seems that the secret services would actually do this to recruit new undercover agents.

I was on this rollercoaster and did not see the twist and when it did occur then the movie completely changed from what I thought it to be as an undercover spy movie to a physiological thriller that really was well done and it’s amazing that this is based on a true story that to be based in the ’90s is not that long ago. I was just finishing primary school and starting high school when all this was playing out in real life.

Robert Freegard played by James Norton is a person that you never would want to meet in your entire life. Robert was one of those people that had nothing going for him except that he was a smart psychopath and would go after the mentally weak. Robert Freegard was the ultimate conman that got what was coming to him at the end but the journey that he went on was amazing that it actually happened and unlike other thriller mysteries you did not see murders and deaths but really that had to come across Robert had never-ending physiological scars that would last a lifetime.

If you are into physiological thrillers that are not violent nor are they too dark but really make you think and want to understand the mindset of these kinds of people this is a movie that you would enjoy watching. I would even go as far as saying this would be a great case study for profilers that want to get into that field and learn. Robert Freegard is a perfect case to be studied and learned from.

The cast from James Norton to Gemma Arterton who played Alice Archer and was the lawyer that eventually brought Robert down for the crimes that he committed played the role well she was a kickass woman that did not break and did not give up until she got justice for what occurred to her and the other female and male victims of Robert. It’s just amazing that this guy got away with it for such a long time without people thinking twice.

The third performance that was outstanding was played by Marisa Abela her character Sophie suffered the most as she was hurt by him the most well this was the one story that we followed til the end until when she got saved by a joint investigation with the real MI5 and the US not sure if it was the CIA/FBI that helped bring Robert down with Alice wanting to be there to see him fall.

A definite movie to watch and highly recommend anyone to add and keep to their collection. Subject matter may not be suitable for the kiddies of course I would say from 15 and above unsupervised or supervised it would be a good thing for kids as young as 12 to watch with parental guidance being there to see what the horrors or what really happens in the real world.

My Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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