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STAND UP: Chris Rock: Selective Outrage (2023) NETFLIX

While watching the afternoon movie I reviewed earlier Rogue Agent I got prompted about Chris Rock going live with his new one-hour stand-up special called Selective Outrage and although I did not watch it live I should have. You know me and my commitment issues with finishing anything I watch from the start to the end.

I took an afternoon nap well tried to and it did not happen and then I was like hey I should go and watch Chris Rock’s new special although I am going to a stand-up comedy show tomorrow night with the wifey. Not sure if I should review the live show or not what would you guys want?

I have to say that Chris Rock killed his one-hour special talking about everything from the racial divide by the white man in America trying to remove another white man that is already running the show in the country to women’s empowerment and the importance of education and teaching his daughters life lessons and not forgetting the privileged life they have thanks to his hard work and success.

What makes this show great is that he is talking about life experiences that he has had and or his family has gone through and in a very smart way he discusses the freedom that he has got after his divorce from his wife but at what cost it comes to him and not just because he lost his house in the divorce but he discussed the small things that women do for their man and he used changing pillow cases as a simple but true example of the small things that make a big difference that as men we take for granted.

The entire show just flowed well except at the end where he addressed the elephant in the room and discussed The Oscars incident with Will Smith he messed up the jokes addresses the mess up and circled back and gets the joke done right again with some great truths and really gives it to Jada Pinkett more than Will Smith to the point that he said that he did not want to address this but Jada taking this issue and discussing the marital issues that she was having with Will and she discusses this publicly on her Facebook show red table talk now it’s in the public domain so Chris does not hold back and basically links it back to slavery in America’s and how he was watching “Emancipation” after Will Smith gave him a “Concussion” you have to watch it Chris gives it more justice.

This was well done a true masterpiece of truthful comedy. You have to add this to your Netflix “My List” and I would even buy this if this ever came out on YouTube movies or even on Blu-Ray or DVD.

Now the only issue I would say this is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18 as there is a lot of swearing and topics of sex and on sex are openly discussed with no filter so it’s a purely adult comedy show.

Watch this now totally worth it!!!

My Rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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