I decided to get in a midweek movie via my never shortening Netflix list. I wanted to watch something short but hopefully something that is a secret gem. Well, Uncle Drew is a kinda comedic gem that you at first would never think would be something good. This however Uncle Drew is like a cool Uncle. This movie is a Basketball comedy about a local neighbourhood street basketball competition called “The Rucker” based in Harlem.

The whole movie is about uncle Drew getting the old team back together again to make up for them not getting their chance to win The Rucker in their youthful Prime but many moons later they get another chance and with his old school van Uncle Drew with Lil Rel Howery as Dax and even Dax has his own demons with the competition. The neighbourhood small competition has now become a big neighbourhood competition with prize money and you do not just get the pride of winning the competition but you get some cool dollars.

On top of the basketball, the movie actually has heart and a good strong narrative about love loss and friendship and facing your demons and overcoming them and is really well done and the overall performers were done by retired basketball stars such as Kyrie Irving, Chris Webber, Reggie Miller, Nate Robinson and Shaq.

The retired NBA basketball stars have done an amazing job with their performances. They all did really well and there was one fun scene that the basketball stars did a dance scene something like from Step-Up movies this was really cool.

I really enjoyed the overall movie just something fun and different to watch. The other thing I enjoyed was when the movie finished like Jackie Chan movies there were some outtakes and they were funny and made you giggle.

The other aspect that was cool and reminded me of Michael Jackson’s Ghost’s music video was the amount of makeup and masks and making themselves older the basketball stars made some of them well I would say all of them minus Shaq unrecognizable to the point you are thinking is that really them?

If you have a love for Basketball and have watched everything basketball related this is something different you should add and watch and even would be a fun little movie to add to your own collection.

PG 13+ I would say parental guidance for 10 and younger aged kids

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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