As soon as season 1 was released it was a smash hit for Netflix and not long after bang we hit another climax with the release of season 2 early this year in 2023. We are thrown back into Billie and Sasha’s world of love, lust, marriage, and infidelity and all around this is more than just a show you watch for the graphical adult content. I would classify the second season as a cross between Sex & The City meets fifty shades of Grey.

In season 2 of Sex/Life, we go down the individual journey of Billie, Cooper and Sasha all three are trying to find balance in their lives. Sasha bumps into a long-lost love in this season and although it’s only six episodes this season each episode is just under an hour long and this gives enough time for all storylines to complete and get closure in this season. Sasha becomes a success via social media and becomes her own independent woman and her main turmoil this season is about whether can she have it all and have her voice of being an independent woman that has a successful man by her side or does she always need to be alone.

Cooper in this season had the wildest ride ever after ending things with Billie and starting things with Franchesca you think that Cooper is going to have a love life like no other but yes and no as he starts things up with Franchesca a trip to take away shop he releases that he wants and has freedom more than ever now that Billie and he are not together he lives every man’s bachelor fantasy and as you are taken down this path of sex with multiple partners with no care in the world Cooper is going down the rabbit hole spiral quick fast with no breaks and I feel cooper’s storyline can teach a lot of men out there that although you want freedom there is a better way to go about it.

Billie’s journey in season 2 after the break up of her marriage with Cooper, Sasha and Billie hit the town as two single ladies and Billie meets a Persian Prince called “Majid” played by Darius Homayoun. On a side note kinda find this funny as Sarah Shahi is half Persian in real life it’s funny that they make her new love interest a Persian guy. Majid and Billie hit it off like a Kitchen on fire why not a house well Majid is a restaurant owner and you have to watch to see what I mean by that reference.

This whole second season I feel is better than the first as it is realistic to what can happen in real life and how it affects kids husbands and wives and new love interests the big question is do you have to change who you are for others or can you be yourself and still find the right person for you. The second season is not about changing who you are but to be as Oprah likes to put it “being your authentic self”

Add this to your list and you can binge this in one sitting unlike me that watched it over a few weeks watching a single episode per day. This is no show for the too conservative it does have shock value and you have to be ready for that aspect it’s not suitable as I like to always put it for the kiddies and nor is it for the adults that do not like this kinda show.

My Rating

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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