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DOCUMENTARY: God Forbid: The Sex Scandal That Brought Down a Dynasty (2022) DISNEY+

Disclaimer: This is a review of a documentary that has only recently been released on Disney+ that discusses interactions with a pool boy an influential university president and his wife and what occurred during a seven-year love affair with all three of them that brought down a high and mighty religious family. This review is my own review of what my take on this whole documentary is and is not a depiction of Christianity or religion as a whole. If you are highly devoted to your faith please understand that this review does not state that the religion is wrong only what occurred during this event with the people within this event over the seven-year period.

My thoughts on this story true as it may be is an absolutely sad story that really goes deep down the rabbit hole and honestly, this did not seem to have a happy ending pardon the sexual pun but it started off like any other hormonal twenty-year-old boy dream that turned to be one of the worst nightmares that you could ever imagine anyone being part of and a young man by the name of Giancarlo Granda being seduced by an influential religious family that has a dynasty going back at least two generations. Giancarlo Granda had the unfortunate look back now of meeting an attractive middle-aged woman by the name of Becki Falwell. Becki and Jerry’s relationship is one of those warped couple relationships you could say it has similarities to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell and how Ghislaine was finding young ladies for Epstein Becki was doing the same for her husband Jerry and like the Epstein story Becki was an active member in this whole bad evil story.

I cannot actually believe this story was released on Disney+ seeing how the Star network and Hulu are linked to the Disney+ streaming service this is how it’s been distributed for everyone’s public knowledge.

This story has everything from sex, porn references money and politics and goes as close to the present day as the January 6th Capitol riots that are liked to former President Trump and how he managed to get the help of Jerry Falwell Jnr to get his presidency back when he got elected in January 2017 and the riots happened and his presidency ended on January 2021.

This documentary for me shows that movies that I grew up with like the teenage thriller suspense movie that had Joshua Jackson in it called “Skulls” is nothing compared to the scary real-life tale that actually happens still to this day. What evil does humanity do in the name of their God no matter what the religion is we wonder why so many people do not believe in any religious beliefs when humanity destroys the true essence of what religion is all about.

The amount of pressure and lack of care they had for Giancarlo in regards to him and his reputation and his family’s reputation is amazing just to save their own skin they did not care who went down and you wonder how why people die or commit suicide out of the blue when this is some of the darkness that people have gone through.

As I mentioned above this is nothing to take lightly and if you are highly devoted to your faith maybe stay away from this and do not watch it but if you are a fan of true crime that has all the ingredients mentioned above then watch this and add this to your list.

Also finishing up on what I mentioned about religion the true essence of religion is the unification of humanity to have three onenesses in the world.

  1. Oneness of God
  2. Oness of Humanity
  3. Oness of Religion

No matter what religion you are part of this is the true essence of all religions and bringing everyone together is unified for me it’s like if you understand computers. Computers run based on 0 and 1s this is how the computer works under it all now what operating system you run whether it be PC Windows Apple Mac or Linux the outcome is the same we all want to be part of the world and believe in what we believe in and not live peacefully all under the one 0 and 1 system.

It is only when we start telling each other your beliefs are wrong then we start to cause disunity and we go down the path of your faith is better than mine, We should truly understand we are the same and in essence all one worldwide family.

This is not suitable as mentioned above to anyone that is highly devoted to any faith or religious belief system unless you are open to understanding this case as its own unique situation that occurred. Also, no young kids are allowed definitely I would even go as far as saying 16 and above.

My Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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