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DOCUMENTARY: Jennifer Aniston: More Than Friends (2020) PLEX

Plex on its free tv show and movie streaming service had this documentary on everyone’s favourite friend Jennifer Aniston. This just short one-hour documentary about Jennifer goes through her entire onscreen life from how Jennifer got her first step in the world of show business to how she is now a worldwide home known name known by everyone.

I am a fan of Jenifer and watch everything I can find with her good or bad or indifferent. I feel that this documentary did an ok to average job putting Jennifer in a good light which is not a bad thing however it felt more like a puff piece of documentary and it had one major piece missing and that was instead of just having video recordings of Jennifer from her interviews and from pop culture historians retelling Jenbifers story it would have been better to see if you could get Jennifer to take part in this documentary.

More than friends had a somber feel to it well this is what came across to me as with all Jennifer’s success she has a missing piece and well then I will bring up the elephant in the room as Jennifer could not find the man that she could have to settle down with and have a family with and also be able to handle her level of worldwide success.

The only person that could handle it was Brad Pitt but as was addressed in this documentary of how he cheated on Jen with Angelina Jolie, Jennifer was never the same and always on guard and threw herself into work and completing projects that she could relate to and from how I see it from this doco it was some kinda therapy for Jen to get over her divorce with Brad she threw herself as I said into work projects and then at some stage she found another man that she got married too but this also did not last even though everyone wanted this to be the man for Jen Justin Theroux was not that guy in the end as he could not handle the public life that Jen had as Justin wanted to live a quiet life well this is what this doco states. Who really knows?

Watch the documentary and make up your own mind what do you think? If you are a fan it’s not bad to watch something to watch and is all in all easy to watch.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

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