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Yesterday I started to watch a movie on Netflix from my list that I normally would not watch a very dark thriller called “I came By” this movie starts off with a little bit of edge and then takes a sharp turn and once that sharp turn is taken then there is no turning back.

The story is about 2 young youths that want to change the world and make a name for themselves due to some life-changing events they do not go down the same path and one continues the fight against the affluent high-brow society that thinks they are untouchable. You could say this could be a true story but it’s not from what I have read online it does seem to be a fictional story that is excellently told and makes your mind boggle on the true dark nature of how evil humanity can become.

The first thing that caught my eye about this movie was that it was made by an Iranian Englishman by the name of Babak Anvari. A very strong story as I mentioned above well told and again this is a dark thriller although very early on you find out who the bad guy is the movie goes for just under two hours and it has twists and turns and its more about how this bad guy gets caught and by who and its a full circle ending I feel and the bad guy does get what’s coming to him and the smile at the end that the policewoman has just looked at him tells you the satisfaction that not even the high elite of the affluent society is above the law.

I only knew one member of the cast and that was Hugh Bonneville who played Hector Blake you will know him from the Downton series and movies and let me tell you that his role is completely different which is good for an actor to diversify and doesn’t pigeon hole themselves so he will definitely not be typecast after you watch this.

Hugh Bonneville, although does an excellent job the rest of the cast for me, were all new and I do not remember seeing them from anything else. However, they all did magnificently as it added greatly to the story and kept up the high-quality storytelling wow will the rest of the cast get new roles yes for sure “I Came By” really did the whole cast proud and hats off to Babak and the whole cast and crew behind this flick.

As mentioned earlier this is dark and has a high level of violence and murder scenes although you do not see those scenes it’s implied well enough I would not recommend this if you cannot handle strong violence and well it was kinda like a serial killer movie.

Definitely not suitable for any kids and I would say it’s a one-time watch, not a date movie.

My Rating

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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