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TV SHOW REVIEWS: The Reluctant Traveler: SEASON 1 (2023) aPPLE tv

Last night there was nothing on tv and what I mean by that is that our family does not watch Friday night football or well they do not allow me to watch Friday night football and well its been so long since I have watched the footy it does not interest me anymore. So we watch what’s online on YouTube or other streaming services. I had this comedy travel series with Eugene Levy you may be asking yourself who this guy is. well, he is Jim’s dad from American Pie and the big hit tv series Schitt’s Creek.

We follow Eugene around the world in his reluctant manner to travel and well in a way you can see why is reluctant to travel it’s not only because he is scared of air travel of any type but because this mini-series from Apply TV throws Eugene in exotic travel locations that put him out of his comfort zone to the point that he is a very simple man that in two episodes he goes for simplistic food one in the Maldives he asks for a cheeseburger and in Tokyo Japan, he finds an egg salad sandwich shop that his son raves about and its called an American sandwich over there and it’s supersized.

The first location he travels to is Finland and I have to say its a really beautiful country and the people are really hospitable well I guess they have to be either because a Hollywood actor has come to town and they have to take care of him and make sure he is ok or they are getting paid for it. It could be both. In Finland, Eugene goes out to find his inner Sisu and goes ice fishing and even takes a dip in the ice cold water with a massive insulated body suit watch it only for this as you can see what type of swimwear he has to wear plus he was intoxicated with five vodka shots to make sure he could muster up the courage. Eugene for the most part in Finland I think felt more at home in the hotel he seems more of an introvert and he also had an activity to go sledding with huskies and this was lots of fun.

Throughout the show you can see at first Eugene is apprehensive to try new things but once he feels safe he tries it and see that he has experienced something new and learned something from it and enjoys the experience for the most part.

All locations that Eugene travels to are amazing and panoramically beautifully shot and you can see that Apple has invested in this small show quite a bit I hope they make another season it would be awesome its beautifully shot as I mention and some scenery shots take your breath away and some hotel locations take your breath away for good and bad reasons.

Some of the hotel locations are different for example in South Africa, Eugene stays in a hotel that is on the railroad tracks its a train that is converted into a hotel and is on a high bridge that looks down on the wildlife all around and Eugene experiences all sounds of the African wildlife at night and its amazing.

I enjoyed this short min series and managed to get through it with even my kids in the background having all kinds of noisy fun.

Add this to your list I have only mentioned a few locations watch this with the whole family you all will really enjoy it.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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