I have had bombshell the movie on my Netflix list well for a while now and OH MY GOD!! it is a bombshell. A very powerful well true story that did happen and affected not only the many many women but their families as well. Let’s get the devils argument out there earl and say yes there are women that want to sleep their way up to the top but it does not mean this is for the vast majority nor is it for those women that actually don’t mind and do sleep their way to the top they would not want to be forced to be making that choice. How this is not seen as internal human trafficking that occurs on home grounds is just amazing.

We have three strong women in Hollywood telling us this powerful story and the A+ leading ladies from Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie it’s amazing that non of these leading ladies are non-Americans we have a South African woman and two Aussie ladies.

I knew this was going to be a movie about what occurs behind closed doors in the newsrooms of Fox and well many other workplaces as well a lot of what was shown was spoken and just adult themed with dialogue but the one scene with Margot and John Lithgow in Roger Ailes office and what supposedly happen behind closed doors was what I feel one of the hardest scenes to watch and John Lithgow is an excellent actor from comedy when we first got to see his talents with 3rd Rock From the Sun to his portrayal of a Prime Minister in The Crown to watching him here in Bombshell he plays so well that his overweight fat man that is disgusting and he just makes you feel that you need to take a shower to take the yuck off you.

You can see after all this time TV and the world, in general, has zero tolerance for this kinda behaviour now since what occurred with Harvey Weinstein the “Me Too” movement and everything else from even Cosby, the whole game of this issue we have only broken the tip of the iceberg and the rabbit hole goes definitely down a lot further.

This is a must-watch and even to the point, I would say add this to your movie collection as it has a message we all need to hear. The entire cast is A list to the point of the supporting cast it definitely shows that it was and maybe still is a boys club and the ladies are just eye candy and nothing more and for some sick twisted reason, men in the position of Roger Ailes feel they are doing the women a favour and do not see what they are doing as something wrong.

We have a long way to go to change man’s mindset and even society as a whole. There is no one side of politics or religion or race on this subject it affects us all and we should be united as one to stop this from occurring.

Not suitable for kids as the adult-themed subject matter I would say this needs to be watched by 13 years and above even though its 15 years and above I would say parental units should watch this with their teens and use this as a teaching tool so that our children can be empowered and know and see the signs to look out for.

My Rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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