Tulsa King Staring Sly Stallone I feel is one of the best new shows from last year. I wanted to watch something new and fresh and nothing that is already out like a superhero movie. This tv show Tulsa King follows a mafia gangsta Dwight ‘The General’ Manfredi. We start the first episode with Dwight Sylvester Stallone’s character coming out of prison after doing 25 years for murder and being a made man as part of the Mafia he has kept his mouth shut and comes back to the family he is known to and has served under for more than 25 years. When coming out of Prison he gets picked up by this family now semi-run by his best mate’s son Charles ‘Chickie’ Invernizzi Chickie is played by Domenick Lombardozzi at first you may not recognize him but he is the same actor that has acted in well the show that I remember him for is Breakout Kings this show only lasted a season but was great this was made by the same guys that brought you Prison Break.

Tulsa King’s first episode has to be one of the best episodes I have ever seen to start off a story and to me, it was as good as any feature film kept you guessing until the end of the episode and your jaw is left on the floor and you will binge this till the end if you can. The first season is only 9 episodes long and goes for only over 30mins long reach episode is worth it but the first has to be one of the best I have seen. Is there an award for the best Pilot for a tv show?

Do not get me wrong the show has violence drugs and all essential mafia elements however it goes beyond that by showing a code amongst gangsta and even in the mafia underworld there are codes and lines you d do not cross.

There is a drug war there is infighting within the Mafia family and basically, Dwight is sent to Tulsa to live out his days and die he has no plans to do that at all and well hence the name of the Show he becomes The Tulsa King. Dwight builds his own Mafia team and sets himself up to make an earning not sure you would call it an honest day or time earning.

The cast led by Sly does a cracking job including cracking a lot of heads they all stand their ground and perform with a level of excellence that comes with any new Sly production. Gone are the days of bad movie and tv show choices for Sly and I really do like Tulsa King. I am trying to think if there was a stand-out performance by any of the other stars of the show and I have to continue by saying they all were at an excellent high level and enjoyed all performances. You will be glad to hear that there is a second season in the works ready to be aired in the Spring well that’s Spring in the States,

The last episode has one of the best songs and it was kinda strange to hear Phil Collins’s drum intro to “I can feel it in the air tonight” but it fits I recommend you all watch this great show for a little bit of escapism.

The last element I liked was how it referenced the time that had gone by after 25 years Dwight had to learn about technology and how cash had changed this was funny because you would not think this show would have humour but it did and it was funny the fact that he had to get a debt card now that you can get to use as a credit card and in general things had changed over the time and he had to learn quick event to the point you see Crypto mentioned as well.

To me, the time passing kinda reminded me of his movie Demolition Man and it gave me the same nostalgic feeling like I was watching that again.

As mentioned before this has all the elements of a mafia show drugs sex violence etc so it would not be recommended for kids IMDB has it rated as MA 15+ I tend to agree.

Add this to your list and watch it

My Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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