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For the last week or so I went back to my Netflix list and found a Korean crime drama going back to 2021 called “My Name” This tv show is great and this has made me a fan of Korean tv shows and Korean cinema they do put a lot of effort in making great content and they do well in storytelling and you are taken into the story and even with only a short series like My name being eight episodes long this is a story you could binge in one sitting and not get tired of.

My Name is a story about a young girl that has a difficult estranged relationship with her father and does not want anything to do with him even with the attempts he makes to come back into her life at times it grows them apart even more and only after an ultimatum that she gives him Ji Woo played by Han So-hee. Ji Woo is so close to meeting her father again that the people that are after him find him and an assassin kills him just as he is about to see his girl behind the apartment door.

This is where the story begins and we go on the violent journey of Ji Woo’s revenge to find her father’s killer and bring him justice let me tell you this story takes you down one linear path but be prepared because the twists and turns this story has you really do not know what happens and who the bad guy is until like episode four of the show which is halfway through the first and only season.

Ji Woo joins an underground crime gang called “The Organization” and this is where her training begins over a few years she becomes a killer assassin with no emotion and Ji Woo is the only female in this all-male fight club and not all the men are gentlemen and there are a couple of guys think it’s ok to try and take advantage of Ji Woo and well Ji Woo has to defend herself under these terrible circumstances.

After time passes and Ji Woo becomes a fully trained killer then she is off to find her father’s killer with the organization’s assistance to bring down this individual from the evidence found everything points to a corrupt cop and she gets into the police force and goes undercover to find this person and bring them to her way of justice and this is where things get dicey well there is a lot of knife fighting on top of normal martial arts even some submission ground fighting which is good to see as the fight is not always on its feet.

The show is mostly over-the-top violent although it states it has intimate scenes there is only one scene and well it’s quite tame considering how aggressively violent it is.

When Ji Woo goes on the journey to find her father’s killer it reminds me of the movie Kill Bill and well it has that feel to it.

If you like Korean crime dramas this is for you. Unfortunately from what I have found on the internet, there is no second season. The story does come to an end and well it’s an ending with no spoilers but I was left indifferent about the end although it was a very high-quality show.

No kids allowed.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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