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Documentary : Harry & Meghan (NETFLIX) 2022

After all the fuss and hype died down I thought I would watch the most talked about show documentary mini-series on Netflix about the Ex Duke and Dutchess of Sussex Harry & Megan, or as they like to call each other H&M I wonder if the H&M store gave them any sponsorship money 🙂 lol

This is not an easy documentary to write about and some people may think that I have got on the Harry & Megan gravy train and support everything they say well yes and no there are two ways to look at this and I am sure there are more than two ways to look at this but I will discuss two viewpoints about this whole Harry & Megan story love story or horror story you be the judge.

You can agree that Megan came into a life of Royalty and with that comes public service means that both Megan and Harry as Harry know a life that means that the public gets to follow you everywhere just to see you experience the most basic things of like like going to a Macca’s no they do not visit a Macca’s on the show. The essence of no privacy is a major factor in this show and both Harry and Megan have a point where they were happy to be part of that life and part of it to the point they both complete their royal duties of public service where that to be opening a hospital or representing the Queen at a function. Where things go a little sideways is when they do not let the couple be after their public duties are complete even a normal couple wants to be alone and have their time alone in peace so they can be normal and you may think what do you mean normal they are royalty however this being the case yes the title is one part of the person, not the complete person you could be a called a Doctor or a lawyer etc but your position does not complete who you are as a whole but one part of who you are.

The story Yes is told from their side and you can say a lot of things the fact is people want and need their privacy and the issue of privacy is what’s key here. Yes, you do sign up for a life in the public eye but you again I stress need time for yourself and the direct family around you.

For me, this is a battle that started in the early 80s and is still continuing to this day. This is what Harry & Megan are fighting for as Harry puts it not in any words but you can tell what he is trying to prevent is another one of his loved ones being killed by the press like his mother Princess Dianna.

This doco in essence is a tribute to his mother Princess Dianna and what she tried to fight till the time she perished in the tunnel in Paris. Who was after her not anyone important but the media trying to get a shot that they already have plenty of shots.

It was great to see what you can see in front of the camera I do admit but what seems to be a down-to-earth normal couple trying to raise a family and living their own fairytale without anyone getting involved.

Here is the other side and I have also repeated this earlier when you live in the public eye you have to give a percentage as there is a public interest but after that at what cost you do not want to lose yourself in the craziness of media.

Here’s what I don’t get why don’t they go after the people that love the attention like all those nutcases on the Kardashian show and The Housewives of whatever city they are looking for that publicity as they make money and get an earning from it but these guys yes use taxpayers money for charity and other types of work but leave them alone give them some level of privacy.

This is a very heavy story and although 6 episodes it took me to watch one episode a night minus tonight I powered through the last 2 episodes it’s heavy and you have to be ready for some adult themes and some mental health questions to be addressed here watch this and be prepared.

If you require any help please call the hotlines below:

  • 000 Australian Emergency Hotline
  • Lifeline 13 11 14
  • BeyondBlue 1300 22 4636
  • Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800
  • Headspace 1800 650 890

I am not leaving a rating for this show only to say watch it but be prepared. and ask for help if you need it just above I have added some Aussie services that may be useful for anyone out there that needs help

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