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MOVIE REVIEWS: The Suicide Squad (NETFLIX) 2021

The movie I decided to watch yesterday that took me until late last night was the 2021 version of The Suicide Squad. This version still has Margot Robbie in it but they got rid of Will Smith and put Idris Elba and John Cena for that matter as well. The cast was better and a little different this movie was so different that I actually took notes so I don’t forget to mention some key points.

Firstly the movie starts off with a character called Savant played by Michael Rooker that is placed in an ultra over-the-top jail cell and is brought out to beat the bad guys with what you think is The Suicide Squad as this group has another bad guy called Blackguard played by Pete Davidson. At first, I was like is that him and I was surprised to see him in the movie as I did not see him as a superhero type in either version as a hero or as an anti-hero. Pete has come a long way from The Kardashians and Saturday Night Live. Good for him I say and see how the beginning of the movie is he does fit the character and the role.

At the beginning of the movie, you would not believe I actually got over forty minutes in and the movie did not make any sense to me and I was like how did we get here it did not make any sense and I thought I missed something and so I thought I would cut my losses forty minutes in and start over from the very beginning as The Sound of Music states to “Start at the very beginning it’s a very good place to start” so I did.

Restarting the movie did at least confirm something for me which was this was a bad edit movie with a continuity problem that does not really tell you are watching one scene told in two storylines for two groups until I started again did it make any sense? James Gunn to me you are the new Joel Schumacher of movie direction and I know now what movie studios also have a problem with the way you construct your films. When watching this the second time over I got the reference to the movie called “The Other Guys” with Will Ferrell and Mark Wallberg watch the start and it will make sense.

Now after this long remember that this movie goes for over two hours so you have to commit to a storyline that is disjointed you are watching anti-heroes trying to stop a starfish and you have Harley Quinn character as one of the main anti-heroes played by Margot Robbie and Idris’s character called “BloodSport” maybe they should have asked JCVD to play the role.

This whole Starfish bad guy was too unbelievable for my liking and you have another anti-hero that shoots explosive pocadots everywhere and that was like come on really?

With an hour to go, I was really over this movie and wanted it to end as for a superhero movie it was not great and you understand why the MCU is better than the DCU.

Can you believe this movie also had Viola Davis in it, although she played a powerful leadership role she lost points with me as I did not like the character maybe that’s what they wanted the audiences to feel?

I am going to try not to spoil this for anyone but the ending is crazy as to feel that another cartoon character from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles helps take down the evil starfish lord.

I know they made two versions of The Suicide Squad but please do not try and redo this again both versions are bad.

If you are a fan of the DCU and have to watch this then watch it otherwise you will have wasted over 2 hours of your life on this below-average movie.

I did some searching on Google and you won’t believe who plays King Shark. Let’s just say Rocky has made a great comeback and he is not just the King of Tulsa.

A very big cast that does a good job to make the movie what it is but I am still wanting something better.

I nearly forgot this movie has a Queen in it as well and she plays a similar role in this movie to her tv show I was like wow she is in the movie and although her character’s name is different it’s the same role. The Queen of the South is in the movie Alice Braga a small but good role and I hope they finish The Queen of the South as well soon.

A tad violent a lot of blood splatter everywhere maybe they should have had Dexter Morgan on the scene to help sort out the blood splatter.

Not suitable for young kids over 15 for sure although there are better anti-hero superhero movies out there.

This movie is leaving Netflix on 2 May 2023 watch it before it goes…

My Rating

Rating: 2 out of 5.

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