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MOVIE REVIEWS: Trouble (2019) (Netflix)

Yesterday after a successful day out with the kids the wifey decided to watch a movie well the kids were still up and it had to be family-friendly. Wifey chose this cartoon we actually used the kid’s profile on Netflix so we knew what we were choosing was safe for everyone to watch. So know that this is a family-friendly review for all. On Netflix the title of this movie is called “Dog Gone Trouble” but when you search for it on the interwebs google and IMDB have it just simply as “Trouble”.

Trouble is a dog that is the prize possession of an old lady by the name of Sarah Vanderwhoozie played by the Last Golden Girl to leave us Betty White. What a treasure she was and will ever be with her enormous library of movies and shows she entertained us with and made us laugh. Betty is voicing a well off old lady that has lots of cash and she pours it into making sure Trouble has the best dog lifestyle Trouble could ever have.

Sarah Vanderwhoozie suddenly passes away and well long lost family members come out of the woodwork to get Sarah’s fortune and well they get into the house and start making it their own and throw anything away that they do not deem of value and in this case, it included the dog gone trouble dog but little did they know Trouble was what they needed to keep their fortune. In the middle of removing everything that they did not value Trouble gets lost and accidentally gets put in the moving van with all the rest of Sarah’s belongings and then it becomes we have to find the dog and bond with it as the lawyer that is dealing with Sarah’s Will and Estate has to sign off the fortune to someone that is bonded with the Trouble and when this occurs then the dog and the new owner does not only get the dog but the entire mansion and its fortune.

The long-lost relatives hire an animal catcher and well let’s just say he is a character that behaves like Ace Ventura’s Pet Detective the makers of this cartoon should have tried to get Jim Carey to voice this character would have been great.

On Trouble’s journey back to the mansion and what he knows he meets a long list of characters the most notable being quite a few actually because although this little cartoon was ninety minutes it had a lot of star power and being family-friendly you do not get this too often. Playing supporting dog characters were stars like Snoop Dogg and Colby Lopez you make know Colby better with his WWE Wrestler name the main man the architect of the shield himself Mr Seth Freaking Rollins. Yes that’s right he plays a dog’s voice and I guess being a new dad with his wife “The Man” Becky Lynch Seth wanted to make something his child can watch as the baby is too young to watch daddy jump off the top rope right now.

There is a group of squirrels that cross paths with Trouble and Rousey and Trouble accidentally makes the squirrels lose all the nuts that they saved in their tree for the winter let’s just say everything goes a bit nuts and you thought my nut joes are bad well we have a lot of nut jokes right here in the movie and do not worry they try to make the jokes like what we see in Shrek something for the adults to understand but something that should go over the top of the younger audiences heads.

The Squirrels to me were like the penguins in Madagascar at one point the squirrels steal Trouble’s dog collar and the leader of the squirrels puts it around his waist and it’s very bling worthy. Then the squirrels end up doing two dance numbers and the first looks like a Micahel Jackson reference from three of his biggest hits from two albums the songs they danced to with a little bit of change maybe because they did not want to pay royalties but you can tell what they were dancing too as those steps are known worldwide. They danced like the music video “Bad”, “Smooth Criminal” and “Thriller. Being an MJ fan I enjoyed this.

Music plays a role in this movie and the movie has some great songs and even raps from Snoop himself near the end of the movie and in the credits of the movie. Don’t worry all Snoop’s raps in this movie is above board and there is no swearing.

Add this to your Netflix list and know that this is something to watch with your young ones the cartoon does advise some scary scenes that my 4-year-old was worried about but with some reassurance, everything went well all those scenes were when Trouble gets lost and it becomes a bit dark and the music and should effects were supposed to create tension which it does for like five minutes.


Not bad for a cartoon I did not want to watch at all in the first place and well I did watch and it’s good to see something that you can watch without causing any issues for any audience members.

My Rating

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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