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Finally, The Glory is mine I finally managed to get through this intense K-drama that is no other I have seen this was so intense at one point after watching one episode I told my wife I need therapy.

How this all started the wife and I wanted to watch this together however the way I watch K-dramas compared to my wife is a tad different. The wifey watches them in the original Korean language with English subtitles, however, I watch them with English subtitles and also dubbed in English if the option is there. So this means that we had to watch them one after the other. As I am a gentleman I let wifey go first and after she finished the first season I got in there and started my version of it wow was it intense as I mentioned before and something that English shows miss.

Now onto the show well we meet first Moon Dong-Eun in the first episode as a resting bitch faced cold-hearted chick that is out for revenge you wonder what is all this about well we are taken back to the mid-2000s where Moon (just to shorten the name I am going to call her Moon) is at school and is unfortunately on the radar of school bullies, especially the ring leader by the name of Park Yeon-jin I will call her Park for short.

Park traumatizes Moon with her group of frenemies bullies and well other friends of Park just because they did not want to go on the bad side of Park they went along with this bullying and when I say bullying this is not any kind of bullying like take the person lunch money or just tease them this was actual physical and sexual abuse that was showed very graphically in this series this is no kids tv show this may not even be some adults cuppa tea either.

In my research of writing this review after watching this, I can tell you this is based on a true story that has occurred in South Korea, it states as follows: “Many of these disturbing details are based on a real-life incident that occurred in 2006, at a girls’ school in Cheongju, Korea”

The sad thing is that adults also was part of all this bullying from the neglect and ignorance of Moon’s own mum to teachers that were supposed to be looking after Moon’s welfare who also did not care enough and were affected by the corruption of what Parks mum had too much influence and because Park was brought up thinking that she can get away with everything and there are no consequences then she did what she wanted when she wanted. However, as the saying goes “Every Dog has its day”

“The Glory” main message is about bullying and how it’s not acceptable at all costs although the series make the glorification and acceptance of the revenge plan that Moon goes through after 18 years of suffering like nothing I have ever seen before and I can not accept that ti be something that should be acceptable, there should be other ways to take justice for the wrongs that have been done but I guess everyone deals with getting even differently.

This is a very strong story and its well told and well made the cast is excellent and all give A+ performances the young lady that plays Park my wife the person that watches more Korean dramas than I do said to me she normally plays good characters and this is something different and I have to say she goes from being soft to being a cold-hearted bitch bully that you want to see her get what’s coming to her and although you need debriefing after each episode you need to come back for more to see what happens next and you will need closure after this and you will get closure even better than Rachel did with Ross on Friends.

There is a lot of violence over sex scenes and nudity in this and even the killings some are shown and some are well told to you in the narrative of the story and the dialogue between the characters but if you feel that there are missing pieces well you have to watch until the end and it will make sense and come full circle.

Now with Korean drama there is normally a good soundtrack but I only found that the song o the end credits of each episode would do a good job no other song was good.

One of the best K-dramas I have seen this year and again this is not suitable for kids rated MA-15. For fans of K-dramas highly recommended. Add it to your list and binge it if you can it took me well a while. I need to watch something more lighthearted for my next show just to release the crazy stuff that I watched on this show I need to see the humanity in a better light.

If you are being bullied please step up and mention it to someone a trusted person and get help as much as you need to make sure you do not have to go through this alone and you can get the help you need

My Rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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