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TV SHOW: Crazy Delicious (NETFLIX) 2020

Throughout the last month or so the wife and I decided to watch another cooking show that we found on Netflix and is something that you can watch without too much concentration on the show and is safe to watch with the kids around. Crazy Delicious is a cooking game show that has got three contestants that cook to win a golden apple and to me, besides this apple, there is nothing too special about the show. Yes, it’s different light hearted and something fresh and new but after two episodes you are not really blown away by anything I think cooking shows like “Is It Cake” or “Bake Squad” is better.

You have three judges that play as the Gods like the Greek Gods and well the only God that you will know from being a guest chef on Master Chef is Heston Blumenthal. The other two Gods are Niklas Ekstedt a Swedish chef and no he is not the same chef from the muppet show. The final God is a lady by the name of Carla Hall.

Reading Niklas IMDB profile it states he was a professional snowboarder and then he became a chef as he was looking for something new and a change he got into cooking and is successful from what it seems although I have never heard of him before. The lady Carla Hall after reading her IMDB profile at first glance sees that Carla is an actress that has played in movies like “Girls Trip”, “The Comeback” and one episode of the revamped “Gossip Girl” series. however, what does she know about cooking let’s dig deeper. Carla’s in-depth IMDB profile has one cooking reference and all the other references are about acting and being a former model. The reference to cooking is” “Sous chef, “Mike”.” I am not sure what that means, I get that she was or has been a Sous Chef.

The whole series is a short series six episodes long and uses basic ingredients and works up from their grom applies to bananas and tomatoes from those basic ingredients you have to cook something that blows these cooking Gods out of this world into the next celestial heaven.

This is what I call a cooking show on a diet light and airy fluffy and makes you feel good and I just enjoy it because of some of the crazy things that these contestants create out of nothing.

Fun for the whole family.

My Rating

Rating: 2 out of 5.

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