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TV MOVIE REVIEWS: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always (NETFLIX) 2023

Ohh No it’s Morphin Time!!! After getting through “The Glory” I thought it was time to get back to some childhood memories and honestly I really wanted this new fresh looking Power Rangers movie or TV movie brought to us by Netflix to be good out of this world good but from the first minute you realize that this Power Rangers TV movie is actually less than an hour you realize this is no stand-up comedy special its a tragedy. I think they rushed to create this and have it released but they should have gone back to the drawing board and created something better because honestly the old tv series and the three Morhin movies although when they came out looked bad this new special makes them look good.

When you know that you cannot get the original cast back well the ones that are still with us at least try and get Austin St John and Amy Jo Johnson you know when those guys do not sign up and it’s left to the black and blue ranger to carry the show it’s going to be an average show. I like Walter Jones and David Yost they are great guys and great to see original rangers but they are not leading characters but more supporting performers. The story was lame and average at best it felt like instead of creating something for my generation that grew up with the old-school Power Rangers they tried to give it a new spin for a younger audience and well I do not think that the younger audience would like this as well.

I only watched this as it touched on the heartstrings as it did a well-paying tribute to the original Yellow Ranger Trini Kwan played originally by Thuy Trang. If you are a true fan you would know that she passed away in real life back in 2001 in a car accident and well thirty years later in this reboot, they paid tribute to her and the short legacy that she had with the Rangers but it was a lasting memorable legacy as they say Once a Ranger Always a Ranger.

This one is a tribute to Thuy Trang and Jason David Frank.

They could have made this movie length and actually got more of the other rangers from the thirty years full of old and new rangers and they had a good thing with the space element and going back in time they could have made it lengthier at least ninety mins and we would have something a lot better. Even the soundtrack should have been better.

The show did not even have Bulk and Skull in it come one there was no real comedy in it

As soon as this started I wanted it to end.

If you are a fan and you must watch this let this be your warning because you will be disappointed. It bombed like the fake explosions on the show.

“Ohh No Power Rangers You Unmighty Morphin Power Rangers”

My Rating

Rating: 2 out of 5.

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