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MOVIE REVIEWS: Z for Zachariah (STAN) (2015)

As the Queensland long weekend is coming to a close I thought I could squeeze a movie in and I chose something from my server that you can also watch on Stan if you are based in Australia. You can also find Z for Zachariah on Apple TV and Amazon Prime on top of Google Movies.

Z for Zachariah is a movie about a young woman all alone after basically the end of the world has come and she is the only person left on earth and is living day by day surviving. This movie is a cross between I Am Legend without the Zombies and The Last of Us. The film is really well done considering the story had great drama and although the plot of the whole movie was about how to survive again and rebuild it was excellently told.

The whole movie had three major actors from Margot Robbie to Chiwetel Ejiofor and Chris Pine. They all played to a tee each of their roles and even at one stage you could feel that this Sci-Fi Drama Romance movie can turn into a thriller as it gives out those vibes I guess you have to watch it to see what occurs.

Add this to your Stan watchlist and you won’t be disappointed it’s a movie that will keep you locked in till the very end at no stage did I look at the time to say what time is it. The movie is only over ninety minutes long so even before you start and realize that it’s slow-paced it’s actually more than halfway done.

If you understand biblical references you will understand where the title of the film comes from Z for Zachariah and even being linked to the name of Margot Robbie’s character called Ann.

Although this film for me has to be one of the hardest to review because a lot happens but nothing too action-packed as there is a lot of staring into space and trying to problem solve throughout the movie it’s again well told and something different to watch.

Nothing really for the kids to watch they may find it boring. A one-time watch for me with no rewatch value.

My Rating

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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