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Well after the last tv show I wanted to watch another tv show but something that was not too long. Obsession is a short tv mini-series that tells us a tale of a young woman that is engaged to a young English Indian young man Anna soon becomes entangled with Jay her fiance’s father William Farrow played by Richard Armitage you will know him from playing Thorin from The Lord of The Rings epic movie series.

Anna and William do not stop their affair and soon things crash and burn in epic proportions. Obsession is something as Netflix states a cross between 365 and Sex/Life it is a very adult mini-series and from a quick glance at other reviews, this series has not had a glowing time under the critic’s keyboard.

I myself found this mini-series to be something with a strong story but with an ending that leaves you with more questions than answers. Also, I found that this show tried to be too many things at once. From being one of those adult aimed sexy thrilling dramas to also touching on taboo types of backstory that kinda makes you feel strange.

Obsession tried to fit so many elements in four thirty to forty-minute episodes. It was kind of like a MasterChef episode where a contestant wanted to do too many things and ended up in the final three to be eliminated.

Although this show was like this with a disappointing ending the cast was A class and they tried their best to perform what was on the page to the picture and they get hats off from me in regards to that part of the performance.

The wife of William, Ingrid Farrow did a great job even though her role was limited in the beginning and then like a caterpillar in the cacoon being released was played by Indira Varma you will know her from movies such as Bride & Prejudice and Karma Sutra A Tale of Love.

Charlie Murphy plays Anna and Charlie has that look of a woman that is good/bad light and dark Charlie has that look that gives the performance that level of is she sane or is she crazy and this will keep you guessing. Charlie Murphy did a bang-up job because she had to portray so many emotions and personas in one character.

The last person that is noteworthy is Jay Farrow who is played by Rish Shah at first I could not my finger on it until this review but in this role, Rish showed a lot of scope in his acting. You may know Rish from a 2022 teen comedy-drama called “Do Revenge” Rish played a supporting role but this role had more meat on the bone.

I will sign off by saying there are better shows that tell similar stories like the alternatives I mentioned above and also this is not a show for the kiddies. Kiddies stay away. Some adults may not like this either.

My Rating

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

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