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It feels like it’s been a minute and more than in a flash. I have finally got a chance to get to continue Barry’s race against all the meta-humans that come to Central City and try to take it over or destroy it. Well in season 4 we go back to see Team Flash living in a world without The Flash as he was sent into the speed force so that the world does not implode.

Team Flash is doing well with the everyday meta-humans that they put away and manage to sort out until we meet “The Thinker” As the name tells you he is always a step ahead and is what is to be Team Flashes hardest foe they have met so far.

In a nutshell at first “The Thinker’s” motives are for the greater good and suddenly things change when it comes to what is called Dark Matter its like what Star Wars has when you are dealing with The Force and The Dark Side. In this season you are dealing with the Speedforce Vs Dark Matter

Over the 23-episode season and 42 mins per episode this season we are watching a cat and mouse game or even a Grandmaster Chess game that you think that Team Flash has finally made it and well it’s different this season because “The Thinker is always a step ahead and well it’s not as easy as Team Flash thinks and it takes an entire team effort for the team to win against this guy and it’s good a strong storyline with more character developments and existing character changes and you see Tom Cavagnah Dr Harry Wells in a different light as he plays multiple characters and its fun to see the council of Wells which honestly I would think should have been more than three different doppelgangers of Harry Wells on Earth One.

For me, the standout episode in season 4 was episode 15 Enter Flashtime. The whole season was based on a nuclear bomb that is going off in less than a second and Barry The Flash has to enter what’s called Flashtime to go even faster than ever faster than a millisecond to find a solution to stopping a nuclear bomb from going off and the entire episode of a second to go rewinds back to nearly 8mins to the beginning kinda like groundhog day or Edge of Tomorrow but even though Barry The Flash goes back and forth in this one-second time frame to find a solution and how he resolves this is amazing as Iris held the key to resolving and saving the day.

In season four we meet 12 meta-humans that were created by Team Flash not on purpose however one of them is called Ralph Dibny, Elongated Man. Ralph soon becomes part of the team and becomes Barry’s understudy partner in vigilante crime fighting as Kid Flash takes a break and goes off to fight crimes and finds himself helping DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and he comes back near the end of the season as the show gives birth to a new character in The Flash family.

Ralph Dibny, Elongated Man plays a vital part of the story as Barry makes him a very strong understudy to the point when things get worse with The Thinker it is a major blow to the team that you have to watch to see if they come back from disaster.

Caitlin Snow Killer Frost also comes back to the team after a break and finds a balance being two personalities one being Catlin Snow and the other being Killer Frost with less killing.

The other two outstanding new characters that did an awesome job were the husband and wife team of evil played by Neil Sandilands who plays Clifford Devoe he has a wide span of characters as he plays a warm-hearted man at the start and soon the dark matter takes over and he becomes dark and cold to the point that even his partner in crime his wife Kim Engelbrecht plays Marlize Devoe “The Mechanic” do not get this mixed up with Jason Statham version of The Mechanic she is more of an IT driver install than a car driver.

I know the show just came to an end this year in 2023 but if you have already seen the early seasons like season four it’s not a bad thing to go back and revisit some great memories.

I think I need to watch something different so season 5 of The Flash will be reviewed after some time.

My Rating

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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