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MOVIE REVIEWS: Hotel Artemis (2018) R+18 AMAZON PRIME

Time to get your booking in before it’s too late rooms are limited here at Hotel Artemis. This is more than a hotel this is a hotel and a hospital all in one however they only deal with a specific clientele here which is a safehouse hospital for the criminals of the city well they take their oath seriously only allowing all the bad guys and no cops allowed.

Although the storyline was basic and well with any action thriller that was based in a Sci-Fi post-apocalyptic world not that far ahead of where we are now seeing how this movie was made before the pandemic I am surprised how this can be close to home how crazy things can get and where we can go to if we are not too careful.

Jodie Foster yes I cannot believe Jodie Foster said yes to this movie but hey making money is making money. Jodie plays the nurse and concierge inside Hotel Artemis and the criminals come in broken and The Nurse Jodie patches them up and puts them out there in the crazy world we live in.

When things go sideways and when they do Nurse Jodie Foster has some hired muscle to help her get rid of the Rif Raf he is called Everest and is played by The Animal himself Dave Bautista. Daves’s role is a sidekick to Jodie’s superwoman role and the cool thing is that Everest has a moral code that he does not want to cross until the crescendo of the movie where he has no choice from going from a healer to an ass-kicker. It reminds me of one of Bruce Lee’s movies when he makes that promise to his uncle to not be violent until The Big Boss takes out his family and he is left with no choice.

The other person that had a main role was Sterling K Brown and he plays an assassin that wants to get out of the business but is still in it due to his brother and having to help his brother pull off one last job and they both end up in Hotel Artemis with The Nurse and Everest. Sterling plays a cool cat that does not crack under pressure called Wakki kinda a strange name seeing how dark this movie is.

The last actor that is worthy of a mention is well let’s add two to this mention lets go first with Jeff Goldblum this is a strange character he plays a small role that kinda comes in with about less than an hour to go before the end he plays a mob boss that The Nurse has to heal before he dies and with all these bad guys and a female assassin and a cop that gets in there as well it’s a crazy mess that more individuals do not end up kicking the bucket.

The last and I mean last actor worth mentioning is Charlie Day you know him from the two Horrible Bosses movies he plays that kinda character who honestly does not fit the movie although his character is or tries to be funny but is dark and twisted and let’s just say that the “me too” movement would not be too happy with this guy in reality.

A movie that does flow and is a good enough average story that does keep it going with pace however this is a one-time watch and I was watching this to see if it would be worth adding to my collection of movies and honestly, it’s a no.

Not suitable for kids as its R+18 only has action violence and is not suitable for kids or some adults

My Rating

Rating: 2 out of 5.

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