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TV SHOW REVIEWS: Jewish Matchmaking (NETFLIX) 2023

As an entire family after we got through Indian Match Making we decided to follow the three wise men and find the Star of David and see how the Jewish religion and culture go about finding their soulmates.

We meet at first the matchmaker her name Aleeza Ben Shalom and straight away for me she looks like Elaine from Seinfeld Aleeza has that bubbly glowing personality that goes into every matchmaking opportunity with a more realistic outlook than just to see if she can hook people up to get married.

For Aleeza it’s more about making the couple strong enough to last any challenges that they won’t break and will last the test of time and then go towards marriage when they both know they are the right person for each other.

This series starts off a little bumpy and rocky as there are some male and female singles that I felt that were too young and are jumping into the deep end too soon without knowing that marriage is a marathon, not a sprint and they need to learn to have more realistic attributes more than just as the guys state she needs to look hot. Some outlooks are more physical than just finding a nice guy or girl with a good heart.

The first season also leaves a few gaps with some of the early couples that you meet however after a few dates you do not know if the last date was successful and are they still dating or has it just ended kind of like a storyline that never had a ending happy or otherwise.

I hope there is a second season of Jewish Matchmaking and we get some closure on some of the couples that we do not know what happened to them in the end.

A great little show that you can watch with the whole family eight episodes for over thirty minutes each and leaves you wanting to know more I like these kinds of reality tv shows more than The Kardashian crap that we get saturated with advertising for. I have not seen one episode of The Kardashians and I do not feel like I am missing anything to the point I feel that I don’t need to watch that tv trash.

Give the show a go you won’t be disappointed just light-hearted fun.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

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