For a change of pace after watching The Flash season 4 I decided it was time to see what Merideth and her doctor buddies have been up to since last season.

Well, this season is a new start as the intern program from last season got destroyed as did Grey Sloan’s reputation. To change things up the whole show was turned on its head as within the first seven episodes we see Merideth exit the show and the only reference we have of her is her narration and an appearance in the last episode of the season. Merideth’s exit was widely discussed before this season and it is something that you think would be difficult to write off properly I did not want to see something like they did when they wrote off Derek because I still feel that was not correct and I think a lot of viewers are still going through therapy for what they did for him.

Merideth’s exit was something more like her original persons taken off the show and there was a reference to Meriths person during this season when they needed medical supplies Yang managed to send them supplies. Merideth got a job offer she should not refuse and well on top of that, Zola turned out to be a genius which made Meridith’s move to Boston a no-brainer as Zola went off to a school for the uber-genius kids and Grey went off to cure Alzheimer’s.

We have had sister power for so many seasons now and in this season the power of three became the power of one and when in the season we had a two-episode arc of Maggie leaving the show as well because Maggie and Winston getting nominated for the Cathrine Fox award for a heart surgery they did on a small baby a world first this opens the flood gates for Maggie to take her genius to greater heights and as Maggie’s personal life takes a hit her professional life is on levels never seen before and as always Shonda has female empowerment as a very important element throughout the show making women and the less representative groups standout with important messages to give and say.

A few seasons ago Shonda discussed the subject of blood donation from males in gay relationships and this season Shonda discusses the topic of pregnancy and all the elements to do with pregnancy that include prenatal and postnatal care and also discusses abortion and the topic of abortion a hot topic I would say not just in the USA but worldwide and there is a story arc dealing with Addison and Baliey and how they provide all types of pregnancy care and at first you think that Addison has the shorter end of the stick but when it becomes personal for Baily and effecting her immediate family its too close to home and well it becomes a danger for Baily the hospital and well everyone. However, how the hospital deals with it and goes on the front foot is something to be proud of and you have to watch just to see how they get closure to this storyline.

The new class of 2023 Greys look so young that they look like they are fresh out of high school and the beautiful thing is they are new characters and this means fresh new stories for Shonda and Grey’s Anatomy will grow stronger and stronger if the high quality of writing continues.

We have a new Chief of Surgery and we finally see Linc and Wilson profess their love for each other I feel this Greys’ storyline was dragged out the most come on the only other love story that was dragged out longer was Ross and Rachel from Friends. Jo and Linc be each other well I was going to say lobster but I have to think about something medically related be each other’s cardio arteries.

There is going to be a season 20 and be ready because I don’t think this show is going to end it has already passed ER as the longest-running medical tv series that is still on TV

My Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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