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MOVIE REVIEWS: Paterson (2016) AMAZON R+18

Paterson is something I found on my server however it is found on Amazon Prime as well. Paterson is a movie about a young couple that lives in a sleepy low population town in the US called Paterson. The husband is played by Adam Driver from Star Wars and 65 fame and this is no action film it’s a more dramatic romantic film on how this young couple keep their flame of love alive when their days have no difference as for the entire two-hour long movie we go through the seven day week of what Paterson ohh yes the husband has got the same name of the town Paterson and he is a bus driver and a poet and well this is how his days go by.

Paterson’s wife is played by Golshifteh Farahani the character’s name is Laura. I feel that Laura has got chronic depression as Golshifteh plays her melancholy role to a tee as everything is black and white and she finds the joy in the small things which is not really a bad thing as the crescendo of the movie consists of a few things a successful day at the market for Lura selling her black and white cupcakes and making $200+ on the cupcakes and she comes home and celebrates with Paterson by taking him out to a meal and a horror movie of all movies you have to go to an old-time horror movie.

Both Adam and Golshifteh play their roles to a tee and got the specific audience this is aimed for they would love it. As for me, this took a while mostly nearly an hour for me to warm up to it as it took that long to really understand the whole plot and the different characters besides Paterson and Laura.

The two stranger characters in this movie were one the Bus it played a role in the movie and I wonder if Adam actually learnt how to drive a bus for real or did they just green screen the bus scenes?

I have described these movies in the past as like novels that are made for the screen however they are better left in the novel form.

Paterson has a very high score on rotten tomatoes with 96% and 7.3/10 on IMDB. Give the movie a shot if you are into this type of movie. I just chose it because Golshifteh is a Persian actress and I wanted to see something new she played in and I know this is something from 2016.

The movie is rated R+18 it does not have any violence or sexy scenes it’s rated this because of the subject matter it covers and due to this, it’s not suitable for younger audiences.

A one-time watch for me

My Rating

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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