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Welcome back to the final season of Queen of the South. The Queen is on top of the throne and more than ever we see twists and turns like all other seasons but this season the showrunners have less time to tell us about the final chapter of Teressa’s last ride and this season we really find who her ride or die friends are and the true definition of Familia.

From season 4 to season 5 there was a lot of time that had passed due to the real-life Covid-19 Pandemic and I really would have liked to finish it a lot sooner.

Season 5 was only 10 episodes and it had to move at a faster pace the audience was taken on that ride-or-die journey and you really are left not knowing what really occurs to the very end as the end seems like one thing happens and another thing actually occurs but you do get to see the light at the end of the tunnel and watching this last season you could really see the transformation of Terressa and the team from a group still figuring things out to being the top dogs and fighting off all threats.

The one question I have for my Blazers out there is out of all the five seasons who was the worst bad guy you think that was on the show and this made them the greatest actor or actress on the show?

For me the two best bad guys were Yancey Arias played General Cortez what made him my top pic of bad guys is the fact that he BBQ one of the other characters and fed him to Mr Vargas. The second worst bad guy was Boaz played by “Joseph T Campos” he took no prisoners and did not even think or care about if the person was family or what the consequences would be he would just act based on emotion and feeling however he always seemed to be one step ahead of Teressa and it was like an epic Grand Master Chess game that every move Teressa made he already was more than 10 steps ahead.

Queen of the South once you complete it and start to look back you do see a kinda video game format and see the different stages that Miss Mendoza goes through to get to the final boss level and have one boss level final fight to complete her story.

I found it surprising that you see how low the human race can get to with no morals values and ethics and like some other shows that I have seen in the past, you see that those who seem to be the good guys seem to have no moral or values or codes that they abide by or too and the bad guys seem to have a much better code that they abide by.

It’s kind of like playing Infamous you can decide to play as the good guys or the bad guys.

What I also enjoyed about the show as a whole and it came out in the final season was the fact that the entire cast and crew was and is a true family and you could see that they really loved working with each other on this gem of a show that they made even though for the most part of this true story it was dark however it had some light elements and fun and humour at times.

I would highly recommend this to anyone that likes anything to do with Mexican cartel shows and true crime. It is not suitable for kids as there is no holds bar in regards to the level of violence it’s bloody and very violent and you have to get past and watch it for the excellent storyline and the epic events that occurred which was sometimes unbelievable.

The Final fight scene between Pote and Boaz was epic and awesome as a last crescendo to the dark side of the show.

Add this to your list and give it a watch and add a comment below and tell me what you think?

My Rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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