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MOVIE REVIEWS: The Many Saints of Newark (NETFLIX) 2021

While I have a chance to watch a movie longer than 90mins I thought I would get “The Many Saints of Newark. This is a movie I would say a true retelling of the Sapranos and how their family started in the Italian Mafia and in the criminal underworld. As the movie poster states ” Who Made Tony Soprano?”

Tony was portrayed as a very intellectual kid that unfortunately was brought up in a family of people that lived for the day-to-day and not for the future. Tony spent most of the time trying to stay away from the mafia/mob that his family was involved in and you could see the true struggle he had with it.

A great lengthy movie that you honestly do not feel the long time it takes to watch as it flows from the start to the end seamlessly.

You have to be prepared for the amount of violence and coarse language the movie has and its crazy how invaluable life was for mafia members from your own flesh and blood to a random person on the street you have to look over your shoulder and be prepared that this may be the last moment you have in this mortal world.

The other factor you have to see in this retelling is the fact of the race and colour separation between the whites and the blacks and if you were another culture altogether then you are even worth less than that. Everyone is trying to get ahead without no even missing you though funerals are held to hold the normal thing you would have to go through but with no real feeling of loss.

Vera Farmiga

The cast is great and all played well and to my surprise, there were two actors that I was not expecting to see in the movie one was Frank Castle yes that’s right “The Punisher” the antihero himself Jon Bernthal plays Johnny Soprano.

The second actor that I really got a chuckle to see in the movie as they had placed a line in a movie from one actor to his character when he tried to be a funny man the other guy says to him you being a comedian something along those lines and this made me chuckle because it was said to Joey CoCo Diaz he played Buddha. Joey did not have many lines a few but he just gave looks and was more like the muscle well not to give a lot away he ends up sleeping with the fishes.

This is not a movie for the family if you are into mafia-type movies like “The Irishman” or “The Godfather” saga then this would be something you would enjoy.

As always not suitable for the kids. A well-made movie I feel.

My Rating

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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