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TV SHOW REVIEWS: Homeland: Season 1 (Disney+ & 9NOW APP)

To change things up I decided to watch something on Disney for a change and more than halfway through I found out via a TV app that this show can also be found in Australia in the Channel 9 app called 9Now, why pay for a show when you can get it for free?

I also had this on my Disney+ watchlist for a while now and I thought I would start something I can get my teeth in. Ever wonder what the saying is for something you are watching though?

I thought it would be good to watch something new like “Burn Notice” along those spy game lines and Homeland did not disappoint as its a tv show series that I am not sure if I was sleeping under a rock when this show was on tv it’s great that we have these digital ways to watch old shows like this considering a lot of tv shows now or a lot of tv shows in general are all reality nonsense.

I am thinking on how to best describe this show and IMDB states it best “A bipolar CIA operative becomes convinced a prisoner of war has been turned by al-Qaeda and is planning to carry out a terrorist attack on American soil.”

I cannot believe this show only ended three years ago its a very recent show that has a solid eight seasons that entraps you and you are taken on a world down the spy game rabbit hole.

The first season is twelve episodes long and I have to state that the writing on the show for the most part is excellent with a small issue I have with the show and all terrorist-based shows in that matter. I am not a fan of how they mix religion mainly Islam and link it to terrorism straight away and in this show links the spiritual side of Islam and religion in general and states that both are the same and the show fails to separate the two to show that bring spiritual and having faith does not necessarily have links as fundamental religion is not the same as the vast majority of the moderate belief and faith most people that follow a faith or religion have. Islam and other religions get a bad rap on that and it’s not just a Middle East thing but we also have this from the white side of religion for lack of a better way to describe it with the KKK being the other fundamental radical group.

I myself come from the Baha’i Faith and I am not taking Islams side but only to state that Islam is misunderstood more than anything.

Back to the show, the cast is a great cast with for me two actors that I have seen previously with Claire Danes yes Juliet has dropped Shakespear and ran away with the gun and joined the CIA and becomes a homegrown American hero. Claire plays CIA agent Carrie Mathison and does an awesome job at it because she aint a normal run-of-the-mill spy but she has bipolar and plays the very detailed dramatic role to a tee. You have a kick-ass woman that is not afraid to show her vulnerable side and the show with Claire Danes does an awesome job to show the realities of humanity.

Before I get to the second actress that is noteworthy in this show I wanted to continue from my previous paragraph to explain another part of the storytelling process that the show does well and this is that terrorism does not just come out of nowhere but there is a trigger that causes it to ignite. In this instance, there is an event that occurs that causes this whole homeland aka a homegrown situation to occur. This is the one reason I would highly recommend for anyone to watch this as the show tells the two sides of the story well here.

Now to the second actress that is noteworthy to the show and that is Morena Baccarin. Morena plays Nick Brody’s wife Morena’s character is called Jessica Brody and Nick is played by Damien Lewis. You may remember Morena from another tv show that was pretty action-packed as well that little show was called “Gotham

Now to the last episode of the first season and I am not going to give anything away only to say we hit the crescendo of the first season to see if the theory of a turned spy is true or if the bipolar CIA agent truly nuts.

The last episode is a movie-length episode that you could say would have made the first season like sixteen episodes long but they gave you the chance to get the popcorn out and watch a movie-length episode. The nearly ninety-minute episodes panned over a few days and a few weeks and revealed or answered some questions that we were given throughout the pilot season and I am not surprised that the show went as long as eight seasons.

The show has violence, adult themes and sexy scenes and is not suitable for younger audiences.

A high recommendation from me

My Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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