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MOVIE REVIEWS: Jiu-Jitsu 2020 R+18 (2020) STAN & SBS ON DEMAND

Time to review a quick-fire action flick that has been sitting on my list for three years now and I decided it’s finally time to get in some groundwork and learn the basics.

Ju-Jitsu is a Sci-Fi martial arts movie that takes us back to a world where ancient martial art warriors from another realm come to take on our best fighters to take over our world.

Stop me if this whole plot sounds familiar if that’s the case it’s because it is. This movie although has an above-average cast has a badly written script and whoever did write this script has no idea Ju-Jitsu is mostly a ground form of martial arts, not a high-flying ass-kicking martial arts movie.

You do not see that much ground combat it’s mostly MMA more than Ju-Jitsu it should have been called MMA.

The cast has Tony Ja understandable from his martial arts background from movies like Ong Bak and then you have Alain Moussi that has a martial arts background and states he has been inspired by JCVD and Iron Mike Tyson. These two are passible as martial arts actors in this movie.

However, when you have actors like Frank Grillo and Nick Cage you start losing creditability.

I liked seeing Rick Yune you may remember him from the First Fast and Furious movie and he was in Die Another Day. You can believe he is a martial arts fighter.

The other sad thing about this movie is while the plot line is very basic and as mentioned it’s something you have seen before if you did not realize that this is a copy of another version of “Mortal Kombat Annihilation” the worst movie sequel of all time I feel.

I was getting Mortal Kombat Annihilation flashbacks and the CGI bad guy that had the worst red eyes made in the movie looked like Lord Z from the Power Rangers series if you remember him.

What made good martial art to the worst I have seen is that the director at the beginning of the movie had an action sequence that felt like you were going to watch the movie like Hardcore Henry it kept on going from first person to third person and this made the first thirty minutes hard to watch and follow.

The final nail in its coffin was that the fight scenes as an audience member you could tell the fight scenes were choreographed and the sound effects were not synced when a kick or a punch or a movement lands its felt like it always made a sound after the hit.

Do yourself a favour and give this movie a miss. Not suitable for kids

My Rating

Rating: 0 out of 5.

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