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MOVIE REVIEWS: The Card Counter (NETFLIX) 2021

Do you know the old saying “Do not judge a book by its cover”? well, this is the case with this movie. “Do Not Judge a Movie by its title”

Let me start off by saying I thought this movie was all about cards and how you count cards and mainly playing the game of 21 “Black Jack” and I thought I was going to watch something similar to the movie with Kevin Spacey in it by the same name “21”.

Well, in this movie I feel Black Jack or Cards is a supporting actor in the whole story. This movie is about a man that goes to jail wrongfully for eight years and decides to learn how to play and count cards.

Counting and playing cards is an end to a means as William Tell played by Oscar Isaac is an Ex-military officer that goes down wrongfully for a crime that he does not commit well in this revenge movie, revenge is played out slowly card by card until the house is left with nothing. Oscar may look like a familiar face you may have seen him in the Disney Marvel series “Moon Knight”

Oscar plays the role so well he kinda reminds me of Joaquin Phoenix and gives you that mysterious performance kinda like playing you with a straight face when playing cards so you can’t read any of his tells kinda cool considering this slow mystery thriller is based around cards.

The most surprising performance in this movie I have to say is given by Tiffany Haddish yes you read right Tiffany Haddish the stand-up comic turned comedic actor and now she has a dramatic side too.

Tiffany plays La Linda aka Lady Luck and well she plays like a bank or a person that represents a bank of sorts.

Getting back to the movie if you are a card game fan well this movie starts focused on the cards and then it loses that focus and then you are trying to figure out what William Tell playing and what is he truly after.

Give this movie a chance if you want to watch something different it’s a one-time watch for me and I was even going to add this to my DVD/BluRay collection and after the twist and turn I realized nope it’s not for me.

Not suitable for the kids and some adults may find this boring.

My Rating

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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