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MOVIE REVIEWS: Woody Woodpecker (NETFLIX) 2017

The whole family decided to watch a family-friendly movie this morning from Netflix and because this had to be 100% kid friendly we were choosing from the kid’s profile on Netflix.

Kid-friendly movies and shows are normally not my thing but I thought what the heck at least it will be something different that I can review on my site.

You may be wondering how old the Woody Woodpecker cartoon series is and it’s been around since the 1940s by an artist called Ben Bugs Hardaway. Ben created characters such as Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck for Warner Bros studios.

This animated movie is about an uptown lawyer Lance Walters played by Timothy Omundson. Lance is going through a midlife crisis of sorts and has a fiance that is well younger than him and he is trying to start a new with her as he gets fired from the law firm he is working for and then to get back at them he wants to go to the woods and build a house and then flip it.

This is when the story begins and the movie pecks away at the rivalry between Woody and Lance.

The movie is live-action mixed in with Woody Woodpecker animation and is done well and is produced by the same people that brought you home alone so be prepared for some physical comedy and it is funny as a whole.

The movie does have some heart as well and is something that makes you feel like you are watching Fern Gully as it has that environmental and animal safety vibe to it as well.

The movie turns into a father and son reconnecting with each other in the wilderness while working on building a house and the side chick soon becomes an afterthought as Lance realizes within ninety minutes of the movie what is more important in life.

There is some over-the-top violence but unrealistic as there is a gas explosion and the side chick survives. There is some looney toon Acme works going off there.

All in all the small ninety-minute movie is great family fun with great humour and a great message and fun for the whole family

Add it to your list and let me know what you think?

Watch it till the very end there is an easter egg.

My Rating

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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