I wish I could say its time for a Titan worth reviewing here for their final outing Titans were a mixed bag of nuts and bolts that I felt could have been better however when you have been given your pink slips and you know it’s your last ride you get a mixed bag of nuts and bolts of a storyline that starts off strong and finishes above average but the episodes in the middle were something that left me a little confused.

Titans start the final season off like any other season with a long setup of who the new bad guys are for this season and at the same time the bad guys are triggered by inter-dimensional superbeings and it’s a slow burn for the first I would say first four episodes.

You have a mother well someone they call mother as a being that comes back for a son that she leaves to be brought up by foster parents. Mother comes to pick up Brother Blood aka Sebastian and well I have to say Sebastian or Brother Blood has to be one of the hardest evil boss levels you have seen in a tv show let alone a video game.

Brother Blood at first I had to keep giving him a second look as he looked familiar and you will instantly know who he is however I was like no it can’t be but after double looking yes it’s the same bad guy we all came to love from our favourite teen vampire tv shows we all watched. Who is this person you are asking yourself well his well-known character was played by him over three linked tv shows.

You first get to meet him on “The Vampire Diaries” as the ultimate original vampire that Stefan and Damon are afraid of and then the performance of this character by him and the rest of his onscreen siblings spawns a spin-off show called “The Originals” then the third show apparently he has been in one episode as what IMDB credits he has been in the third spin-off from those two shows and that was called “Legacies”

If you have not figured out who this is well you must have been sleeping under a vampire’s curse in an enchanted curse. I am talking about Klaus yes that’s right Klaus well the actor that portrays Klaus portrays Brother Blood in the final season of Titans Joesph Morgan yes he plays the final epic evil bad guy that the Titans have to take down and save the world.

At first, the role he plays is a character of that young orphaned child that wants only to find friends and be loved and then over the season or the early part of the season you see him go from a wimpy weak kid to basically a demonic devil kinda vampire god that wants to end the earth and Tamaran the planet where Kory Anders is from and this makes for an epic ending of the show.

Joeseph takes the weak wimpy character and basically turns him into Klaus although he is named Brother Blood it’s Klaus reborn just with stronger magical powers than before.

Let’s now talk about the middle episodes of the final season you know how they show the recap of what occurs in the previous episodes this kind of did not make any sense to me as it felt that the episodes were not in the right order and was mixed up and I watched this on Netflix and it did not make sense for Netflix to have the episodes mixed up not in the tight order, or did I miss something?

This is a bit of trivia that I did not know before. Did you know that Brenton Thwaites the actor that plays Nightwing is actually an Aussie from the land down under? I did not know this even though I have reviewed all the other three seasons of this show.

The last characters I wanted to discuss are Dawn and Hawk I felt these two characters were awesome and were the true power couple of the show and Anders and Grayson only picked up that title after Dawn and Hawk left the show. Dawn and Hawk should have not been written off the show and should have been written in as I felt they were missing in the final episode of the show.

Finally the Elephant in the room an animal that Gar never turned into. However, the show was two dark and very supernatural to the point of over-the-top violence and I wish it was not as dark as it turned out to be even though the final episode had some light it was still overshadowed by darkness.

The show was rated MA+15 and I would say it’s not suitable for kids at all and even some adults like myself found some episodes and seasons hard to watch.

As much as I enjoyed the show I am glad it’s over and I can put this show to bed and get on with another show maybe a comedy who knows I need something a little lighter.

My Rating

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

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