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MOVIE REVIEWS: A Perfect Enemy (PLEX) 2020

Have you ever wondered what it takes to end someone’s life?

Well I had this movie on my server list and for it to only be 90mins long I thought it was a good time to watch A Perfect Enemy a movie I have been meaning to watch for a while and I was unsure how to take this slow burn dark psychological thriller takes you on a journey with an architect that has become a widow after losing his wife over 20 years ago and ever since he still has not moved on.

This is a movie that will surprise you and of course, it being a small movie with only really three main leading roles the twists and turns will keep you thinking about who killed the wife and just as you think you have figured it out like me I picked the murder very early on and I thought I was ahead of the game but I was off the mark.

If you like murder thriller movies. This movie would be for you.
None of the actors for me are anyone that I know.

However, the wife of the architect looks like Kiera knightly.
The performances of the 3 main actors really depicted the story really well.
The only thing as I always say with this type of movie is that this is better in novel form because a reader’s imagination gives the story greater justice
As always a movie not suitable for kids I did enjoy it though.

My rating

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

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