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Well, what do you know it was time to go back to Chicago’s southside and find out what the most shameless family is up to the Gallagher’s.

It has been a minute since I have gone back to this family and I have to say when I first started to watch this show way back when before Covid times the show seemed more edgy and a lot more out there. I was waiting for a lot of things to go sideways but this season seemed a lot softer than the other seasons maybe this was because the cast knew that it was nearly the end of its run since Fiona Gallagher left the show and more to the point you do not want to keep going to the fact that you do not wish to the “Happy Days” to end and you are taking it to far and “Jump the Shark”

We come back in season to find the family back to the same old stuff and that Debbie has become the self-elected leader of the family since Fiona left and left some money for the family. As you know the family has scams left right and centre and they do not stop at anything to make ends meet some family members have found or have more morals than others remember in Chicago’s southside its survival at all costs.

We also come to the point that Lip Phillip Gallagher becomes a new dad and has to be a single father with no help for a little while his significant other Tami Tamietti recovers after a difficult childbirth.

Lip seems to have a lot of growth in this season which is good and has a really hard time making changes you can see he fights with every ounce of himself to not become a deadbeat dad like his father and tries his darndest to be the change he wants.

Going back to Debbie her character also gets herself mixed up in an escort kinda circle that she does not want to be part of and then ends up in a relationship with a woman that she meets at a hotel bar as she tries not to get pregnant again with some young friends that she makes before meeting this older woman as they help her get her child rightful benefits after her Ex dies at war and than in itself is something strange I guess as a Gallagher you have to make money any which way you know how it’s the way Frank has taught them this is built into them at a very young age and is very hard to stop.

Ian and Mickey start off the season inside prison together and in no time they get out it’s very strange how Mickey gets out it seems there is a storyline hole there. Anyhow their relationship struggles to get to the next level.

Little Liam is not so little anymore as the youngest in the family is now Lips kid with Tami which from Random Lip names him Fred. Liam’s biggest struggle this season is to find Frank and get him to come to the school to sign papers so he can stay in school.

This in turn takes us to what Frank is up to this season as he meets this mysterious woman that comes to the bar and instantly connects with Frank and you wonder and you keep wondering how this happens as Frank is no good-looking fella. Frank is taken aback by Fay Donahue played by Elizabeth Rodriguez you may wonder where you have seen Elizabeth from and yes Elizabeth is none other than Aleida Diaz from Orange is The New Black. Elizabeth’s character seems to have a great arc and takes us back to Frank’s younger years when we see that history ends up repeating itself.

we have three characters to discuss before I give my final opinion on season 10 let’s start with Carl Gallagher and what happens to him after he comes back from the Army he passes Army school on the day of graduation while he gets his graduation paperwork the boss basically tells him that he does not want to see him ever again. Carl then goes on to find what the next chapter in his life is and he goes back to his old job being a cook at is not satisfied there as he wants to make a change after one of the girls he is into has a family that is not allowed to be in the States and he has o deal with ICE. Carl end up being a CI after being demoted to garbage duty for his local community.

We are left with Veronica and Kevin and they are always about how to improve their lives for themselves and their two young daughters. These two go from getting involved in a pyramid scheme to making a profit out of the money they wasted there to become the local medical doctors without having a license and then Kevin turns the Alibys kegs into his own personal training side gig making some more money for V and the girls.

Can you believe this show had an 11-year season run and I am nearly at the end I can make one promise I will finish the show and watch season 11 before the end of the year and not have years between the next and final seasons review.

Again this show is not for everyone and can be out there although due to character growth, I feel this season becomes tamer than the earlier seasons although still not suitable for a younger audience this is purely an adult-aimed tv series.

My Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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