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MOVIE REVIEWS: Detak aka Heartbeat 2020 (NETFLIX)

For a change of pace I thought I would move from tv series to a movie and to add something different I thought I would choose a non-English movie while going through my never shrinking Netflix list I found this movie I had added a while back from Indonesia called Heartbeat.

I thought to myself why not watch a movie from where my wife comes from it can help me improve my Bahasa let me tell you it did not do well I have to say I would have to watch movie Bahasa spoken movies for me to even get an inkling of what they are saying. My Bahasa goes as far as reading a menu when ordering food and I can guarantee you that it’s a success as my belly has grown and not my Bahasa vocab.

This movie is about a doctor that arrives in a small village to become the new local village doctor and after which things start to go strange and dark let me tell you I had to pause this movie and check the rating again as I thought it was going to be like a feel-good movie but was I way wrong yes this is a horror thriller movie that you have to be ready for.

When watching this movie the only thing that came to my mind was I have seen this storyline kind of before and well the only thing I can say it’s a Bahasa version of Dexter.

If you are not ready for this type of movie then you will be left numb like I was. The only back story you have about the killer is that he came from an abusive family and the killer watched his father beat and kill his mum Ibu and he wakes up after having that dream and then all of a sudden with that new piece of evidence then you understand why he is doing what he is doing you do not necessarily agree with the choice and I was kinda giving him a free pass as we all did with Dexter and that let me get through this however when the killer decides to kill a child then I was like no that’s not acceptable and as a parent, the one thing that we always heard was “Never get into cars with strangers”.

The fact that the killer would kill the victim and then take their hearts out and put them in large jars of water and keep them beating was next level even for me.

If you are into foreign movies and horror thrillers then you would enjoy this as its something different.

I would highly not recommend any kids watch this at all and I would even classify this as R+18 and think that the MA15+ rating is too low although you do not see the killings really the camera cuts away and you hear sound effects and music.

A one-time watch for me as a whole a well-made movie with a small budget and no CGI effects just good storytelling but in giving it props for that it’s a one-time watch for me as advised.

My Rating

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

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