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Get ready to go back in time with Team Flash as there is a new player in town a new bad guy and a new good guy from the future.

In this season a change in the timeline changes things in the future as The Flash goes ahead and Flash punches and destroys a satellite that nearly causes Central City to be taken over by mind control. At this point, he notices another speedster that joins him to destroy the satellite and because of this it changes the timeline and the original bad guy becomes someone else this is where we hop on and hold on for the fastest season yet.

In essence, this season is a sort of family reunion for two families on the show. We get to meet Barry and Iris’s daughter and we see that Nora aka XS has come from the future to spend time with her dad as things do not go well in the future for Barry. Due to this event, Nora comes back to try and change things and at the same time enlists the help of someone that Nora does not realize until it’s too late that he is only in it for himself Nora in the year 2049 gets the help of The Reverse Flash.

On top of Nora the daughter of Iris and Barry being a main staple of the show we have Mr good Old American Pie actor himself Chris Klien playing this season’s bad guy Chris plays Orlin Dwyer aka “Cicada” why is he named Cicada well he makes that noise after he is hit with dark matter.

Cicada’s whole storyline is to kill every last Meta human because of what happened to his niece’s parents being killed by a Meta by accident.

I enjoyed this season because it had a family theme in it and funnily enough it also had easter eggs of two historical shows one a tv show “Sex & The City” as Cisco calls the monitors at star labs the first names of the main characters of the show Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha.

We also have a great theme song from Back to the Future “Back in Time” I feel this is fitting for a show like this to pay tribute to movies and shows like this to make the audience connect better I feel.

In this season we also meet Catlin’s father and there is a family reunion of the snow pack which is bittersweet.

We also have the start of Elseworlds cross over the storyline and I feel that after I finish all the shows in the Arrowverse as an easter egg or like a choose your own adventure I will go back and watch the cross-over episodes of the different storylines and maybe I will review those episodes separately.

If you want to watch the Elseworld episodes here is the order


The Flash: 5×09 – “Elseworlds, Part 1”
Arrow: 7×09 – “Elseworlds, Part 2”
Supergirl: 4×09 – “Elseworlds, Part 3”

We also have a nostalgic connection to Sherlock Holmes but he is called Sherloque and played by a man of many faces voices and talents Tom Cavanagh is very talented to be able to play so many roles and he is excellent in The Flash but my favourite tv series of his is called “Ed” and no there is no talking horse in this show. It’s a tv show about a lawyer that moves to a small town and he buys a bowling alley and practices law out of it and it’s funny quirky and I feel ended too soon.

I cannot believe this is the fifth season of this show and I cannot believe that it’s finished basically all the Arowverse shows have come to an end now with The Flash being the last in the Arrowverse.

It’s time now to jump out of the speed force and stop running until next time you cannot watch seasons back to back otherwise it will affect the timeline 🙂 lol no not Facebook timeline lol

Some episodes are a little dark or I should just say it a lot dark and this season is not suitable for kids under 15 if you do want to watch it with a gown up.

My Rating

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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