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Movie Reviews: Like Water for Chocolate 1992 PLEX & AMAZON PRIME

Like Water for Chocolate do not let the title fool you there is no chocolate or water in the movie although there should be a lot of water as there are fire scenes.

This movie can be found on either Amazon Prime or free on Plex free movies and tv shows and I watched it on Plex. The movie is mainly in Spanish and has very little English spoken.

The movie is based in the early 1900s and is about forbidden love between a young man and woman that desire each other and through the years the two have a lot of obstacles to get through.

The young woman’s mother does not see the pairing as something that would be fruitful and is a major block for them to be together and as the young woman is obedient for many years she obeys her mother and is going down the old spinster path.

The desire of the two over the years does not decrease it is still firey as ever even though they both mary other partners the passion and fire are still in their eyes and with a look they communicate and the look is a burning want to be with each other and they do not see the negative part to being together.

The best way to describe this movie is that it’s the Spanish version of “The Scarlet Letter” with Demi Moore you can find that on Disney+ and Romeo and Juliet pick whatever version of the Shakespeare play made in several movie versions.

The movie is rated R+18 although does not have too many sexy scenes it has some nudity and adult themes are throughout the movie so not suitable for younger audiences.

You must be thinking what am I doing watching two movies that are non-English well its sometimes good to broaden your movie watching to include non-English titles because some of the best stories told in movie form are not always told in the English language and love stories are always told in a universal language.

Here is a bit of trivia I just found out via IMDB. Marco Leonardi is actually born in Melbourne Australia go figure I did not pick that as the whole movie was in Spanish and he did not have an Aussie accent when he spoke.

All the cast played their roles to a tee and also a little bit more trivia and I wonder if this caused Lumi Cavazos’s divorce from her husband but Marco Leonardi actually lived with Lumi Cavazos for eight years from 1991 to 1999.

I do recommend this if you like dramatic romance movies this could be one of those romantic novels that you pick up in a bookstore as it’s very descriptive on screen even though you do not see much.

I would consider this a small gem of a movie that won’t leave you disappointed.

My Rating

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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