I have to start by saying that Shameless although the American version compared to the UK version I have been told is not that good, Shameless the US version has nothing to be ashamed of.

This final season we see the show come back for a last bow and was one of the few shows that made it work filming during the real-life Covid 19 pandemic and adding it to the storyline.

We come back this season to see Mick and Ian as a married couple and more than anything we see how normal they turn out.

This season is all about closure and closing sub-storylines and side characters and seeing how the family stays united even through a pandemic and how the family and family friends want to progress to the next chapter of their lives and give themselves and the next Gallagher generation a better life than they had.

The main storyline that continues this season is the act in that Lip wants to sell the family house and move forward with his relationship with Tami and little Fred.

I kinda find it strange that as much as they hate their father when the Gallaghers have kids it’s mainly named after Frank either in the masculine or feminine. or abbreviated.

What I love about this show is that as much as it’s dramatic and depressing at times as you see them always struggle to make ends meet they always manage to get over and are not just a likable family but a loveable family that has morals ethics and values even though they may not be the same as yours or mine.

If you ever think that you are doing it tough then watch an episode and you will see what tough is and how low humanity can go to make it day by day.

One of the early factors that drew me to this series is that it was and I know I have mentioned in the past that Shameless was created by John Wells the same John Wells that made E.R. one of the best medical drama tv series ever made.

If you have not watched this show do yourself a favour and watch it you are missing out.

Also, readers this final season unlike the others is rated R+18 it’s mostly because of the adult themes than anything else I feel other seasons pushed over the line more than this final season.

I have to just say the cast did amazing it was a shame that Emmy Rossum Fiona Gallagher could not make it back but in the final episode, they did her justice by including her character in a montage.

I will give two ratings as this is a series finale and an end to a season.

Series Finale Rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Season 11 Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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