I thought it was time to go back to a movie and something different a change of pace of sorts. A movie called Sugar is not a documentary called The Sugar Movie.

This movie and the main reason I wanted to watch this was it shows you the dark side of the whole online influencer lifestyle its not all glamourous photo shoots and freebies with all that freedom there are costs involved and maybe after watching this movie any potential Influencer would think twice before jumping into the deep end.

The movie is about an influencer that befriends another up-and-coming or wants to be an influencer. They become friends and go on a ship to become influencers about the cruise, all the cool places you get to go to, and all the fun things you get to do.

It starts off all fun and innocent and looking back now it feels like bubblegum that turns black and gives you that icky aftertaste.

I normally do not recommend movies like this as honestly, I felt like this was going to be one of those one-and-done movies which the movie is kinda but it actually leaves you with a lesson learnt.

The cast has only one person that I know and that was the main reason why I had it on my library of movies to watch. Katherine McNamara you would know her from tv series like Shadowhunters Katherine played Clary Fray and I have to say I enjoyed that series and the second notable show Katherine was on was CW’s Arrow as Oliver and Felicity Smoak’s daughter.

I have to say I enjoyed watching Katherine in something different from the comic book adaptations for TV.

At first, I was like well I guess this is a basic payday for both actresses and all cast and crew involved but I recommend watching this movie till the end credits.

The second actor that basically carried the movie with Katherine was Jasmine Sky Sarin. Now I have to say I do not really know of her and when looking at her IMDB I can only see one movie that I have seen of her from the past but honestly as good as the movie Partition was I do not remember her in it. I will remember Jasmine in this movie though as Jasmine and Katherine carried the storyline to the end.

This a basic straight forward story but watch it till the end because you will be surprised with this story.

It is a great movie for parents to watch with their kids about online safety and the whole influence world and what’s real and what’s fake. The movie is PG+13

My Rating

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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