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Let me start by saying I hope this review does not take as long to write as it took to watch the movie and well this ain’t no walk in the park when it comes to the length of the movie. It’s a marathon and not a sprint.

I know this is kinda random but I feel this best explains the difference between the DC movies and the Marvel movies.

When watching a DC movie and Zack’s version is up there it’s like carb loading you feel like you have eaten something tasty but over the top too much and you feel bloated and tired after finishing the heavy meal.

Whereas when watching something from the Marvel movies it’s like having light filling and on the go and you do not feel that it will stop you.

Zack Snyder’s version is a full-on action flick that will be any fanboy’s dream because you get to see every little bit of the storyline. It’s got great detail and if the comic or they may call it a graphic novel was or is this detailed then this movie did it justice, pardon the pun.

The story revolves around three magical boxes when brought together will start the end of the world as we know it. It’s up to Bruce Wayne aka Batman aka Ben Affleck to bring the group of superhero’s together to stop the ultimate end-of-game boss you have ever seen.

The movie is split into six parts like a book and even has an epilogue. The movie is not hard to follow its just super long as I mentioned at the start of my review this is a marathon and not a sprint it’s up there with any A+++ Bollywood production minus the musical interludes. The movie goes for four hours and two minutes exactly.

I am now going through each character’s main character and noteworthy characters only.

Bruce Wayne aka Batman aka Ben Affleck I am glad after this they made “The Batman” and changed who plays Batman now although I am not sure if Robert Pattinson is the guy to hand over the Batman costume too as how can you go from a vampire to a Bat I guess both are deadly.

Ben plays Bruce and Batman with no real change between Bruce and Batman as mostly he is surrounded by people that know that he is the same person and he has that no emotion inhuman look on his face. Maybe the only look on his face is guilt in correlation to what he did to Superman. I guess Hogwarts magic does work in the DC Universe seeing how Warner Bros made both movies.

Henry Cavill aka Clark Kent aka Superman well Henry is in this movie but not after a long time has passed and the story has progressed and well let’s say this is what I mean by some Hogwarts magic as anyone that had seen Batman Vs Superman: The Dawn of Justice would know what I mean. Superman returns after a massive dirt nap and comes back angry and you are not sure if he is affected by the black box that brought him back or if he remembers what Bruce did to him and he wanted revenge even though Bruce and the team brought him back and after a scene of Superman chucking a hissy fit and destroying parts of Metropolis Lois gets in between Superman and Batman and asks Superman to take her away after of course once he sees Lois he calms down. lark picks her up and wooshes her to the old Kent home. After reuniting with Lois and his mum Martha then he wooshes back to the team as for some reason the magical spell has warned him off or he ain’t pissed anymore and he joins the team to take down the ultimate super boss of any movie.

Ciarán Hinds voices a CGI character by the name of Steppennwolf. I have never seen such an evil end-of-game boss that takes four hours to defeat it’s like you need to get all the powerups and unlock Superman to defeat the end-of-game boss and then you can win the game.

Gal Gadot reprises her role as Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman I have to say I feel Gal and Jason Momoa carry the movie. Gal Gadot plays her role perfectly as she is truly a wonder woman and you wonder how she can kick more ass than the men in this movie. Even at the start of the movie when Bruce is trying to get the team together Diana is the only one on the team at first as she also knows of the evil that is coming.

Next, let’s talk about Jason Momoa and Aquaman. Jason brings the true muscle that is missing from Ben’s character. Jason is either shirtless or got a wet shirt on ohh the difficulties of looking good while wet. lol, Aquaman is at first hesitant to help the team until his family and love of his life in the movie gets attacked and yes then he goes and joins the team. The love that gets attacked is Amber Heard’s character Mera and I guess after what she tried to do to Johnny Depp I best Jason wish he let his on-screen love drown under the gallons of water. Sorry for the bad mafia puns but Arthur should have let Mera sleep with the fishes 🙂 lol

The next character I will write about is Ezra Miller he plays the Warner Bro’s movie version of The Flash and I am going to go straight to it and point out the elephant in the room and state he really cannot act I feel. You could tell that he was trying to be the Peter Parker of the Justice League as he was portrayed as the youngest character in the movie. With all Ezra’s legal troubles I am disappointed that they gave him I feel the most on-screen time as The Flash movie was the next in line to be released and is released however with it being released with Ezra and well this is not a spoiler as everyone has read this somewhere by now but Ezra’s version of The Flash resets the whole DCU timeline.

For me, my Flash is always going to be Grant Gustin from the Arrowverse Grant plays the role to a tee and no one else plays it better. I hope they reset and give him a chance before he is too old.

Last but not least character that is worthy of mention is Ray Fisher playing Cyborg and his story arc is as strong as Ezra’s. Vyborg has a whole back story and Cyborg has also a chance to have an individual movie to the DC Universe I hope after the reset they bring Ray Fisher back to play Cyborg as his performance is one of the best in this movie as he has the most emotional roles in Zacks version of Justice League. Cyborg’s back story has got family ties.

You have to add this to your DC Comic collection and it’s at least a one-time watch it is worth watching more than once if you can watch it twice and I will try and watch it again this time with the wifey as these types of big blockbuster movies I love watching with wifey.

As I mentioned in the title this is MA+15 I would recommend this be a family watch with the younger kids if they want to watch it together and don’t forget to get the popcorn out

My Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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