This show aint no Sleep with the Fishes even though there is a lot of sleeping around on this show.

May have some adult content

IMDB describes this miniseries “In a luxury apartment tower, six different women in unhappy marriages end up crossing the line into infidelity.”

However, it’s never that simple when crossing that line these women all have reasons for crossing that line however you may agree with some of them and not with others.

We get to meet each of these six unhappy women and with each episode, we delve into their lives and find out why they are unhappy with their husbands.

Throughout the whole series of eight episodes, the main couple we go on a ride with and want to see end up happy is Sakura and Haruto and the writers and directors really do an excellent job that makes us the audience feel invested and we want them to fight for their love and end up with their “Happy Ever After”

You could say that Sakura and Haruto are lobsters aka goldfish that are supposed to mate for life.

How they get together is a special story with a very serious subject matter that is throughout the storyline of the series and this is because it was a storyline that was throughout the series from the first episode to the last episode that is Domestic Violence and how it can be occurring in what seems to be a happy marriage however this ain’t the case as Sakura’s husband has emotionally and physically disconnected from his wife and is sleeping with multiple of the fishbowl wives that live in the same highrise as them.

The second episode to me is not that memorable so I will skip it and talk about the third episode which is called The Lunchbox Wife. In this episode, you meet an unhappy couple that has lost the flame in their relationship and to bring that back one of the husbands decides to invite one of his workmates over to help the husband and wife rekindle their love life and it’s very strange as its what the husband wants as its what turns him on but the wife at first is not comfortable with it and well she soon does become comfortable with it and things do change and the husband soon understands who he had VS who he doesn’t after things change.

All the wives have their lives intertwined with Sakura and Haratuo when Sakura goes to Haratuo he owns a goldfish shop and he helps Sakura come out of a domestic violence situation and this plus an incident in the past brings them together.

This short series deals with hard marriage topics that may not make for easy viewing but please watch this if you are going through something similar and please call out for help if you need it as domestic violence is not drama series it’s real life.

Domestic Help Lines

The subject matter itself is very adult this is for adults no kids allowed although the subject matter is not a bad thing to try and teach young kids about what’s right and wrong.

The show in itself is very adult as it has a lot of sex scenes and nudity and does not hold back so be prepared as each episode seems to have one nude sex scene.

My rating is more about the storyline and how it went through the journey and got to the end rather than the serious subject matter as the subject matter was told and dealt with well with flying colours.

I was left disappointed in the end.

What did others think drop me a comment of what you thought about this series and if you liked it?

My Rating

Rating: 3 out of 5.


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